Join the CCF 8 Weeks to Improve Your Performance - become fitter and win cash, like our winners from last challenge (in here too)!

Join the CCF 8 Weeks to Improve Your Performance - become fitter and win cash, like our winners from last challenge (in here too)!

17 January 2019

3 Different Tests - in the end ONE fitter version of you.

We claim that he or she is the fittest that has the biggest capacity in all domains of fitness, so you when we want to see how much you can improve over an 8 week period, you know that you will be tested in strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility and so much more - just like in these tests below.

The CCF 8 Week Improve Your Performance Challenge is this time consisting of 3 different varied tests where each one will test a different area of your fitness!

Gymnastics, Strength & Fitness - can you improve them all?

The 3 tests this time around will be:

  • Min 0-2: Establish 1 Max Set of Chin Over Bar* Pull Ups 
  • Min 4-10: Establish 3RM Over Head Squat (bar starts on ground)
  • Min 16-23: 21-15-9 reps For Time
    - Calorie Row
    - Burpees Over the Rower
    [CAP: 7min]

*For the CHIN OVER THE BAR PULL UP the movement standard is actually the chin physically over the bar, which means that a butterfly pull up will be "hard to use", this is to give the test a new dimension and test our regular gymnastic kip for those that have unassisted pull ups!

As you can see these tests are designed to be done with work vs rest and you'll be able to do them in class in a pair where one person is working while the other one is resting - all so that we can get validated scores for the challenge. 

RX or Scaled - which division do I "choose"?

You don't, the division chooses you!
To make it super easy it works like this: If you scale to a band assisted pull up/ring row OR if you chose to not JUMP your Burpees over the Rower then you'll be put automatically in the scaled division. This means that everyone competes with people within their capacity, and besides that the Challenge as usual will find 2 winners in each category:

  • Best Improvement in 8 Weeks (we measure your percentage improvement in all 3 tests).
  • Best Performance (we simply add your score from the start together with the end and your TOTAL is your score).

How do we score to find winners?

All tests will be scored separately and within each "Division" you'll see a different leaderboard based on Ranking in each test.
As an example, if you have the highest ranked number of pull ups you'll end up with a "1" in that test, if you then also have the heaviest Over Head Squat in your division you also get a "1" there - and then for arguments sake let's say that you end up with the 10th fastest time in your division in "Smoke on the Water" your total score would be: 1+1+10 = 12 and then everyone get ranked where the lowest total ranking score WINS the division!

Talking about winners - who won the last challenge!?

We love saving the winners announcements until just before the new one start, because surely seeing the cool prizes these guys now won in the last challenge makes you more excited to join the next one..? 

The last challenge was the "CCF 8 WEEKS TO SUMMER CHALLENGE" and ran from September to end November, we tested our athletes in a 1RM Cluster & the notorious FRAN Benchmark, this time we had best performance & best improvement ranking the athletes to find a female & male winner in both RX and Scaled division!


  • Female Winner: Megan Carmichael (CCF Gardens), R800
  • Male Winner (shared between 2!): Nick Reid (CCFN Newlands) & Marc Du Toit (CCF Gardens), R400 each


  • Female Winner: Anne Vermaak (CCF Newlands), R800*
  • Male Winner: Mark Fawzy, R800

*Cool thing about Anne is that she was also one of two winners in the CCF Nutrition Challenge where she also won R6,650 among improving her body composition a lot!

Why joining this Performance Challenge?

To give yourself more motivation!

The challenge cost R100 and ALL of it goes back to the prize pool, so it's pretty cool to take part in an 8 week competition to keep yourself accountable to try to train as hard as possible - either if you happen to win or not, you'll still come out A LOT fitter. 

Funny enough we often see that the winners in our Nutrition Challenges also do really well in the Performance Challenges and vice versa - something about eating healthy and training consistently giving great results maybe..? ;)

You can sign up for the CCF 8 Weeks Challenges in YOUR home box now already, but the workouts will take place in class this coming Monday so make sure you book your classes now already!