Join the CCF Anywhere Online Classes before end of May for only R299/month for 3 months!

Join the CCF Anywhere Online Classes before end of May for only R299/month for 3 months!

27 May 2020

You can still try these classes out for FREE for 1 week of classes!

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Snippet from our 9am class on Tuesday the 26th of May 2020. You only need yourself and sometimes an "Odd Object"

The CCF Anywhere Online Classes for Beginners have been super popular since we started them in the middle of April 2020 and we are now excited to give you an opportunity to sign up for them at a discounted rate if you get started before 1st of June 2020 - you will only pay R299/month for the first 3 months (June - August) instead of the already low R399/month!

How does a CCF Anywhere Beginners membership work?

It's simple, you sign up for a debit order membership (or pay a minimum of 3 months up front) and then have full access to:

  • Choice of 2 Zoom classes per day Monday - Friday: 09.30am & 17.30pm.
  • Daily Program with WOD (Workout Of the Day) sent to you at 08.00am.
  • World Class CrossFit Coaches working with you in the Zoom Classes - to help you individualise the WOD to your capacity and environment.
  • You are only "committed" for one month at the time* - NO Long sign up period needed!
    Debit Order memberships keeps running until cancelled with a 30 day notice period. 

Wondering if you should do these Beginners Classes or join our Regular CrossFit Classes? BOOK A FREE INTRO SESSION with one of our coaches!

 We offer Free Online Intro 30min sessions with one of our world class coaches where you can "meet up" and chat about your fitness journey moving forward. Our coaches will explain what CrossFit is all about and give you an even better understanding of how the different options work!

If you would then be interested in our regular Cape CrossFit Classes you can choose to start with the CCF Anywhere Online Membership instead (R999/month).
Please note that to take part in the REGULAR classes we require 3 months of previous CrossFit experience OR a CCF Basics Course (R999 for 4x 30min 1-on-1 sessions to take you through the foundational movements we use in these classes) - to take part in the CCF Beginners Classes you need NO previous experience at all!

The CCF Beginners Classes are great for ANYONE - take it from Natalie (featured in the video above with her daughter Kayla):

  1. What made you decide to try this training program out?
    N: I have always wanted to try CCF, but was always too self-conscious and not confident enough to try.

  2. What was your training background before trying out the CCF Free Online Classes?
    N: I run and do strength training at gym.

  3. How many of the CCF Free Online Classes have you attended so far? (this was in early May). 
    N: 9

  4. What do you like the most about the classes? 
    N: I love how the coaches are always making sure you have the correct form and are always motivating you to push past your comfort zone.

  5. It's only been 2 weeks but have you experienced any improved performance/well being by doing these classes so far? 
    N: I am definitely feeling stronger. I am managing to do exercises that I was not able to do before.

  6. The classes are "only" 30min long, do you feel that it is enough to create results for you? 
    N: I do feel that the classes are enough at the beginning. I am sure once you get stronger it would need to be increased but for beginners it is enough.

  7. Tell us a little about your goals with your fitness training? 
    N: I would love to lose some weight, get stronger as that would then improve my 21km race times.

  8. How do you fit the CCF Online Classes into your every day life? 
    I make sure I get up earlier so get some work done so that I can take some time out to get to the class.

  9. Any other feedback you might have for us is very welcome!  
    I would like to say thank you to all the coaches for being supportive, motivating and most importantly never judging anyone in the class who is struggling.  I have loved the classes and even in the first week when I body was sore I kept on coming back every day as I knew that each class was were making me stronger and healthier.

Join us for a FREE Week of classes before you decide!

Simply drop us an EMAIL to [email protected] and we'll get you registered in a heart beat.