Join the CCF Healthy Eating Habits - 8 weeks of Fitness Classes & Nutrition Coaching for only R2499 (R799 for current CCF members!)

Join the CCF Healthy Eating Habits - 8 weeks of Fitness Classes & Nutrition Coaching for only R2499 (R799 for current CCF members!)

12 January 2021

Nutrition and Fitness goes hand in hand, why not combine them to see "if CrossFit is for you"!?

Our last CCF Healthy Eating Habits Challenge ended in November 2020 and it was the most successful one we have ever run. Of those that followed through with their end measurements, (which was the vast majority), 90% of the participants improved their body composition! 
The average improvement was an 8% change in body composition, which simply put means a better ratio between body fat and muscles.

Here's some more crazy data from that challenge just to prove how powerful our approach is:

  • Average Weight Loss: 2.0kg
    This includes ALL participants and also several athletes that focused on rather keeping their weight, or even build muscles and gain weight!
  • Average BODY FAT Loss: 2.0kg.
    This is VERY interesting because it also means that the average person didn't just lose weight, they lost the RIGHT weight!
  • Average BODY FAT PERCENT Loss: 1.75%-units.
    This is not to mistake with %-improvement, this is for instance going from 21.75 to 20.0% body fat. 


These were the 3 winners in our last Challenge - READ more about their results and other winners by clicking on the image above!

(PS. If you want to read about Justin's, Lindsay's & Vaughn's personal experiences of the last challenge, READ HERE!)


How does the Challenge work?

It's quite simple, you choose your own start week (see below) and then you book your InBody measurements with us. We then show you how to use the InBody measurements to tailor your own Nutrition Lifestyle based on any of our 5 very successful approaches to Healthy Eating.

We give you a weekly Habit every Sunday to implement the following week, and onwards, and we also have 3 pre-recorded webinars which you get sent to you after each InBody measurement to guide you to fine-tune YOUR eating according to your body composition, activity level, and GOALS!


  • 3x InBody Measurements, Start - Midway - Final. (These are valued to R399 each!).
  • CCF Nutrition Book with info on our 5 successful Nutrition Lifestyle and how to implement them.
  • 3x Pre-Recorded Webinars showing you how to use YOUR measurements to create the right eating plan for you.
  • 8 Weekly Simple Habits sent out every Sunday. 

Our InBody measurements will take less than 2 minutes and are non-invasive.

After the measurements, we send you a very detailed report of your body composition, every time you do it there is also a comparison to your previous measurements!


  • CCF Members: R799 (up to 300 can be covered with CCF Loyalty Points!).
  • NON Members, R1499 (for entry in the Challenge only).

SPECIAL COMBO PACKAGE: Challenge Entry + 8 Weeks of CCF Base Camp Classes - R2499!

If you're not already training with us at Cape CrossFit this could be one of the best investments you've ever done for your own health & fitness!
Our Base Camp classes are designed for beginners, only 30min in length and available Monday - Saturday in our 3 boxes (various schedules however). They combine Functional Movements and relative Intensity, but we don't program any Barbells or "Advanced Gymnastics" in these so they are perfect if you are a little intimidated by CrossFit.


  • Entry to the CCF Healthy Eating Habits Challenge, (R799)
  • 8 Weeks of CCF Base Camp Classes, (Value R1998)
  • Follow up Personal Coaching Session AFTER completion of Challenge, (Value R450)



Our CCF Base Camp classes aren't very technical, but they include plenty of Cardio!


PRIZES? Total of R30k worth of CCF Memberships Prize vouchers GUARANTEED, but could easily become more depending on how many signs up!

In these challenges MOST participants actually walks away as winners due to a healthier body composition, and of course with training hard also increased fitness levels. But, to incentivise those that are driven by the chance of also winning something for their efforts we are also giving back a portion of the entry fees as CCF Membership Vouchers!

  • Every entry = R300 to the "prize pool". 
  • Example: 100 entries = R30.000 in Membership Vouchers. 
  • 3 overall winners get to split the prize pool and wins CCF Membership Vouchers to the value of:
    - 1st Prize: 50% of prize pool voucher value
    - 2nd Prize: 30% of the prize pool voucher value
    - 3rd Prize: 20% of the prize pool voucher value
  • GUARANTEE: CCF Also guarantees a minimum value of R30.000 in CCF Membership Vouchers for the winners!

NB: Both current CCF Members and non members are eligible for the prizes.
Prizes can NOT be exchanged for cash or any other products, winners will be given CCF Membership Vouchers to use for themselves or their friends.

Ranking in the challenge is solely defined by the results from START & FINAL inBody measurements. The difference in Body Composition is counted as loss in "Body Fat %" divided by "OLD Body Fat %" as that shows us how much of a percentage wise improvement each participant have made.
CCF does not take responsibility for any technical defaults in the challenge, no other measurement variations will be accepted for the challenge.



This time around we are allowing you to choose your own starting week out of 3 "heats", you simply do your measurements within the week chosen by you - and you then also MUST do your final measurements within or before the week that equals YOUR final week of the challenge (this makes it fair as everyone then get 8 weeks to improve as much as possible).

  • STARTING POINT 1, START MEASUREMENTS: Week of 18th of January - FINAL MEASUREMENTS: week of 15th of March. 
  • STARTING POINT 2, START MEASUREMENTS: Week of 25th of January - FINAL MEASUREMENTS: week of 22nd of March.
  • STARTING POINT 3, START MEASUREMENTS: Week of 1st of February - FINAL MEASUREMENTS: week of 29th of March.

Your first habit will be sent on the SUNDAY of your start week, which also gives you that first week to familiarise yourself with your results from the InBody measurements, watch the Webinar - and then create your chosen Nutrition Lifestyle according to our guidance!


Simple - Drop us an email and we'll send you sign up forms + invoice to sign up once you have decided to go for your Fittest & Healthiest version of yourself! 
NB: Appointments for measurements must be booked in advance and confirmed by Cape CrossFit.
ALL Measurements to take space in CCF GARDENS (Members keep your eyes open for communication around other measurement dates in Southern Suburbs & Century City!).

Once the invoice is paid you will be able to schedule your first measurement and you'll get all the info needed including CCF Nutrition Book, Start Webinar for how to use your measurements once those are done and more.

So, click the banner below to drop us an email ([email protected]) and we look forward to answering any questions you have and welcoming you to our community that truly lives our philosophy every day and proves that: