Join the Original CrossFit in Cape Town before the end of June 2017 and avoid our fee increase for 12 months!

Join the Original CrossFit in Cape Town before the end of June 2017 and avoid our fee increase for 12 months!

08 June 2017

Cape CrossFit has been around since 2009 and the average member in our 3 boxes across Cape town has been with us for between 2-3 years - even though we don't do long term memberships! We like that loyalty and always want our members to feel that we appreciate their long term commitment towards their own health & fitness and one way of doing that is by allowing our members to lock in their fees for 12 months at the time to avoid fee increases.

On the 1st of July 2017 our membership fees will be adjusted, but by signing a membership agreement before then you can lock in our current fees for a full 12 months - even though all we require by you is a 3 month commitment towards your own health & fitness!

Our memberships are very liberal to the point where we only require a 3 month commitment from your side, and from there on your membership will run on a month to month basis with a 30 day cancelation period - yet we also always guarantee that your monthly fee stays the same for 12 months from when you sign your agreement. 

Join us NOW and let our coaches turn you into the healthiest and fittest possible version of yourself!

How does it work if I want to become a Cape CrossFit member?

By signing a new membership you simply get debited the current fees (below) for the next 12 months even though the monthly fees are going up o the 1st of July 2017.

These are our current fees that are valid for any Debit Order membership signed before the last of June 2017!

If you are a new to Cape CrossFit we will first take you through our CCF Basics Course for beginners which will introduce you to our way of training and prepare you for the regular classes. After 6 of these group sessions (or 4 Personal Coaching sessions) you will be ready to join our regular classes and will most likely find yourself as one of those members that has been with us for years faster than you think.. 

Contact us to book a Free Intro Consultation & Assessment to get started asap: [email protected]

At CCF our coaches are there with you from the start of your sessions until the very end where we track your progress to ensure that you are getting the amazing results you are looking for!

How does it work if I'm already a Cape CrossFit member?

As a current member you can also lock in your fees to protect yourself from the fee increase, and actually depending on when you signed your latest membership agreement you might be able to lock the current fees in for more than 12 months!

Here's how it works for current CCF members:

  • Your current membership has a 12 month period attached to it, where we commit to keep your fees the same throughout those 12 months.
  • IF you now sign a new CCF membership you will add an additional 12 months to it, at our current membership rates, to start counting from when your current membership period ends.
  • Once your current membership period is over, this NEW membership will start with the fees being adjusted according to what our fees are NOW before the fee increase on the 1st of July 2017 (only available if you have signed an agreement before then).
  • The only difference for you is that with the new membership agreement you agree to attach a 3 month cancellation period to your current membership until the first 3 months have passed on the NEXT membership period, when you once again will be subject of our 30 days cancellation period.

On top of the benefit of locking in your fees for 12 months, you'll also enjoy a Free Loyalty Month at the end of each 12 month period, a new CCF membership T-shirt/vest as soon as your new 12 month agreement kicks in, and some other cool surprises that are coming to our members soon.

What happens if I don't lock in my fees?

If you don't lock in your fees you'll be subject to the higher fees once your current 12 month period is over. The reward of the loyalty month is also only available at the end of a signed 12 month period, that said some of our members prefers to keep their "30 day cancellation period" rather than lock in their fees and you will simply be debited each month at that month's current fee for as long as you stay a CCF member (we will also give you a written notice in case there is any fee adjustment about to happen).

So how do I lock these fees in?

Contact us NOW or if you are a current CCF member just ask us the next time you are in to train and you can sign your extension membership agreement in any of our boxes.

Lift weights on a Saturday morning for the rest of your life, why not?

We look forward to when you become one of our "Old Dawgs" that have been training with us for years and still keep on enjoying their health & fitness improvements on a daily basis while also being rewarded for their loyalty!

Your Team at Cape CrossFit