Join us before last of January 2022 and avoid our fee increase the first 3 months!

Join us before last of January 2022 and avoid our fee increase the first 3 months!

24 January 2022

Our membership fees are being adjusted, BUT if you sign up before February 2022 you can still get our "old" Membership fees for another 3 months!

We are making a price adjustment of our fees from today, the 23rd of January 2022, but with a few opportunities to save some cash:

  1. NEW Members can sign up using our "old" rates until the last of January 2022.
  2. CURRENT Members will only have their fees adjusted for debit for the month of March 2022 but can also do the same and lock them in for 3 months by signing a NEW agreement before last of January 2022, OR:
  3. New & Current members can lock their fees in by signing a 12 months agreement AND then enjoy the 10% Loyalty Discounts on the NEW Fees for a full year.*
    *We have a 10% CCF Loyalty Discount for anyone signing a 12 month's agreement, which means that our current members could actually sign up for that and pay LESS than they currently do.
    **NB: the 10% Loyalty Discount is only available on the NEW fees from today the 23rd of January 2022.

This is how amped our newest Base Camp members at Cape CrossFit Southern Suburbs got when we told them they can still sign up at our old rates!

Our current CCF Membership Plans:

  • CCF 3x Classes per Week, NEW Fee: R1395/month.
    - R1299 for the first 3 months if you sign up before last of January 2022.
    - R1295 for 12 months if you sign a 1 year contract.
  • CCF UNLIMITED Classes, NEW Fee: R1695/month.
    - R1599 for the first 3 months if you sign up before last of January 2022.
    - R1525 for 12 months if you sign a 1 year contract.

NEW & Old Membership Perks!

(Many of these are aligned with our own Loyalty Program giving our members "CCF FitCoins")

While we fully believe that our membership experience is worth our fees, we are also excited to add some more perks to our extensive Loyalty Program!

Any member signing up for a NEW Membership from the 20th of January 2022 will on top of the epic Coaching & Training provided in any of our 4 CCF-boxes receive the following: 

  • An Assigned Coach: This is not new, all our members have a Coach that they can turn to when they want to chat about their training and goals.
  • One inBody Analysis (value R250 for CCF Members): This is a way to measure your body composition, which also helps a lot when it comes to choosing a Nutrition Lifestyle* to go hand in hand with your CrossFit Training.
    Members can then do follow up inBody measurements using their FitCoins or paying separately.
  • The CCF Nutrition e-Book: Our own e-Book helping you choose between a bunch of various, but successful, Healthy Nutrition Lifestyles.

  • CCF Functional Movement Assessment: 
    30min Test designed in collaboration with our Biokineticist team where we analyse your range of motion and functional capacity to help our Coaches (and you) further individualise your training in class.

  • CCF Bio & Physio Treatments (available with FitCoins!).
    We are expanding the use of the FitCoins to Biokineticist sessions with our Practice-team (Gardens) and Physio Sessions with our NEW in-house Physio (Kaylin) in Somerset West and members can now work on their rehab/prehab with our practitioners either by using FitCoins or paying separately.

Coach Mike is also part of the CCF Practice Team - here working with Coach Ashton to strengthen & rehab her knees.

  • This not new, but worth mentioning as more and more of our members are discovering the benefits of using their FitCoins to work on anything they want to in Personal Coaching sessions with their Assigned Coach.
  • Using FitCoins to buy PUMA's CCF Range in our boxes!

But, in the end that's all secondary to our most valuable membership perk:

Our CCF Coaches Team is the best in the business.

All the cool perks we have for our members are only secondary compared to the daily experience we offer in the classes. We believe that not only is our facilities the best in town when it comes to CrossFit training, but also that our Coaches Team is the best one around when it comes to helping you achieve YOUR Health & Fitness Goals!

Give us a shout ASAP if you want to book a FREE "No Sweat" Consultation with one of our coaches to hear more about how our memberships work, and how you can get started with us ASAP.