Let 2021 become your strongest, healthiest & fittest year yet, join us for a FREE 1-on-1 intro!

Let 2021 become your strongest, healthiest & fittest year yet, join us for a FREE 1-on-1 intro!

02 January 2021

3 facilities across Cape Town, 1800m2 total of COVID-adjusted space to get your training in as safely as possible!

In all 3 of our boxes you'll find an open environment with either multiple windows or even big roller doors for air flow, clearly marked spaces & and no sharing of equipment to keep our members socially distanced, sanitising protocols.
We also offer a class schedule with plenty of options to make sure everyone can get their training in - but safely!


Check out our Safety Protocols viewed simply in the video above.

How to check if CrossFit is for you!

STEP 1 - do a FREE INTRO Session.

These are usually done 1-on-1 with one of our CCF Coaches but you can also come with a friend if it feels a bit daunting to do it alone.

STEP 2 - do our BASE CAMP to learn more.

The CCF Base Camp is done as 4x 1-on-1 sessions to teach you the foundations of our training, and of course to start building your fitness here already! (We also offer this in a group environment, READ: HERE!)

STEP 3 - Join our classes with a CCF Membership Plan suited for YOU.

All our classes are Coach led which means that you have an expert guiding you through your workouts, and also helps you find the right version for YOU every day. (You can read up on our various membership plans, READ: HERE!)

Get involved, contact us TODAY click the banner:

Click the banner above to email us ([email protected]) and choose the Cape CrossFit location best suited for you from the ones below and let us know your training background* and we'll get back to you ASAP with a bunch of Free Intro times to choose from. 
NB: Most of our members had ZERO CrossFit experience, and very little to no gym experience what so ever when they joined us - we are experts when it comes to adopting our training to ANY level of experience.

We run Cape CrossFit in 3 locations, and you can train in 1, 2, or all 3!

All our members have access to all our three boxes, but of course most train in their "home box" mainly. We offer the same programming and world class coaching in all 3 facilities, so check out the one closest to you and make that your new home of fitness.

CCF Gardens, 5min walk from Gardens Centre in town.

Our flagship box where it all started back in 2009. This gym have grown from one 250m2 room to now operating of the entire 1000m2 top floor of Roodehek House. 

This box offers:

  • 3x 250m2 Workout Rooms. 2 are used for our Classes and one is open for "Add-On" training on your own.
  • Dedicated Stretch mat. Perfect for our CCF Daily Flex program, or your own stretching after class.
  • In-house Coffee Shop. The CCF Power Bars serves smoothies, coffees & cold drinks, protein bars & supplements.



CCF Southern Suburbs on Claremont Main Road, 5min walk from Cavendish Mall.

This was our second ever CCF box when we opened in 2013, but during Lockdown we actually moved to a bigger (and much better facility) facility of 400m2 with access from Claremont Main Road and even our own outdoor space which we are planning to start using for some fun training in 2021!

This box offers:

  • One big Workout Room but with natural separation. Where one is open for "Add-On" training on your own.
  • Newly renovated bathrooms and showers. 
  • The coolest pull up bar set up in Cape Town. See below "Flying Pull Up"-bars. 

CCF Century City in Edison Way Business Park, 5min drive from Canal Walk.

This is our latest CCF Box which when we partnered with Edison Way CrossFit in 2018 and even though it's our youngest CCF box it's a thriving community that grows stronger all the time! The space is approx 350m2 but with the 

This box offers:

  • One big 400m2 "warehouse"-style box with an epic layout. With a classic roller door to let the air through (and to allow for epic WOD's with running in non COVID-times).
  • Huge parking lot outside. You can literally park outside the entrance.
  • And that makes for great outdoor training sessions when the weather allows.

PS. Want to rather train from home? We offer Online Personal Coaching AND Access to our Live Feed Classes:


In 2020 we learnt that we CAN train from home and since then we offer daily "Live Feed Classes" where you can join our classes online, check out how Gareth is doing so every day as an example, READ HERE!

We are excited to show you why CrossFit is the fastest growing training form in the world - and why 100's of Capetonians have made CCF their "fitness home"!

Give us a shout and let us show you how choosing Cape CrossFit can be the single best thing you've done for your health & fitness, let's make 2021 YOUR year.