Let us help you tailor YOUR membership to suit YOUR Needs - New CCF Membership variations & discounts available now!

Let us help you tailor YOUR membership to suit YOUR Needs - New CCF Membership variations & discounts available now!

24 August 2020

Train in the Gym, at Home, or why not both?

No matter what our NEW Membership Plans gives you a great chance to tailor your membership to fit YOUR Lifestyle!



  1. As previously explained ANY CCF Member that have kept their "Pre-Lockdown" Membership throughout these 5 months will be allowed to keep the exact same membership with the same terms for another 5 months from 1st of September!
    Unless you find a more beneficial option in the new ones of course.
  2. There are many great discounts that you can enjoy to lower your monthly fee depending on what's applicable for you, we'll define these further down.
  3. We will define the Online Schedule and "Livefeed" opportunities included in the Online membership by the end of next week.


We offer a safe environment with socially distanced WOD Squares where you are training with your own equipment in your own space.


  • CCF ACCESS (R499/month):
    This is for anyone training from anywhere else and just wanting to use our CCF Membership Lounge Resources (programming, movement library, etc) but not have any coaching or personal guidance.
    This is mainly directed towards those that often request access to the various CCF Programs as a mean to train from anywhere in the world.

  • CCF ONLINE (R799/month):
    This is for anyone ONLY wanting to train online but not in the boxes. It still gives you access to our Zoom Classes & Livefeed from classes, plus an Assigned Coach that can give you guidance on how to do the program based on what equipment/environment you have.
    This is mainly directed towards those that don't want to come to the box to train, and/or those that want coached CCF training from anywhere in the world.

  • CCF BASE CAMP (R999/month = approx R80/session if using all 3 sessions per week*):
    This is a new product that will replace the CCF Cardio45 in our boxes and the CCF Beginners Classes online. This will be a great way to rediscover or learn the very foundations of Functional Movements performed at Relative Intensity. 
    We'll initially run this as 30min classes 3x per week starting in September.
    This is directed towards complete beginners, (it will actually also be an option for our Basics Courses in the future), OR anyone that have trained little during Lockdown and want to take this approach to gently build back their capacity.

  • CCF HYBRID (R1299/month = approx R108/session unless using ZOOM access where it gets way less!*):
    This gives access to "In-The-Box"-classes 3x per week AND to the ZOOM Classes & Livefeeds. 
    The membership gives access to an Assigned Coach and also includes a monthly 30min Check In (up to the member to use it as they see fit).
    This option is perfect for anyone either wanting to train 2-3x/week in total, or for anyone wanting to combine their in the box classes with Online Training from home a couple of times per week!

  • CCF UNLIMITED (R1599/month = approx R76/session if you train 5 days per week*):
    This gives access to as many "In-The-Box"-classes as you want to per week AND to the ZOOM Classes & Livefeeds. 
    The membership gives access to an Assigned Coach and also includes a monthly 30min Check In (up to the member to use it as they see fit). It also gives you access to the CCF Barbell Club which will be back some time in September once we have found our feet in terms of scheduling.
    This option is the right one for you that want to train in the box 4-6 days per week. 

  • CCF UNLIMITED PLUS (R1899/month = approx R59/session if you train two sessions 3 days/week*):
    This gives access to all the things included in CCF UNLIMITED, but also access to book "Add-On Open Training" which will be a feature available in September!
    This option is the right one for anyone wanting to follow the "Full Volume" offered under CCF Competition, but also for anyone wanting to focus on a specific area from any of our Add-On Tracks directed to improving Gymnastics, Aerobic Capacity, and/or Weightlifting and Strength. 

*NB: All the average cost per session is just to give an example if you use your membership "fully". CCF ONLY offer monthly debit order payments and not 'per session'-payments at these rates. You can however get these costs down with any of the discounts below if they apply to you.



Cape CrossFit is for everyone, no matter what your fitness level is, or what you want it to be, we have a solution for you. 
(For clarity: picture is from before COVID19).

We've revised our Discount system and are now offering the below discount variations. We offer you to combine up to TWO Discounts off your monthly membership fee. 
For you that are an existing member we hope that the 12 months Discount will be an easy pick as you hopefully are "CCF for life" anyway!
All memberships that are not locked in for 12 months carry the standard 3 months commitment period from signing and then run as Open Ended with a 30 day notice period.
NB: Read more about this in the membership agreement terms and conditions before signing a new membership.
    This gives 10% of ALL membership for a family living together. It's applicable for direct family such as parents, siblings, and spouses living together (proof of residence is required).
    This gives any Full Time Student 20% off their membership fees. (Proof of studies is required for each term). 

    This is available for ANY CCF Member that has decided they will stay for at least 1 year with us. 
NB: You can combine any TWO of the above discounts which as an example means that a family of 2 that decides to sign up for a full years commitment can get up to 20% off their membership fees, and a student that is choosing to go for the 12 months commitment gets a full 30% off their membership fees.


CCF also offers a highly efficient "Competition program", with several Add On Tracks based on what an athlete would like to focus on (Gymnastics, Strength, Aerobic Cardio Capacity ).

We are proud of our not only incredibly result giving, but also safe, programming and believe that our training structure is world class when it comes to delivering Health & Fitness to ANYONE from complete beginners to absolute Elite Level athletes - which is one of the reasons why CCF do NOT offer  a normal daily "Open Gym".

We do however appreciate that members on weekends enjoy meeting up with friends and doing their own little throwdowns and/or work on weaknesses as they see fit so we will as soon as possible reintroduce the Weekend Open Gyms

The CCF Add-On Open Gym Slots will be exclusive to use for either the CCF-programs OR something your assigned coach has designed for you to complement your class training.
The slots will be bookable online for a standard 55min session where we request that you clean your equipment thoroughly before leaving (just like in class). 
In September 2020 we will offer these slots at various times in the different CCF Boxes and as a cool trial period they will be bookable for anyone with an UNLIMITED Membership (including the Pre-Lockdown version). 
From October 2020 these slots will ONLY be available for those with the CCF UNLIMITED PLUS membership.



PERSONAL COACHING ADD-ON To Memberships, or as a stand alone packages!

If you prefer a 1-on-1 environment our world class CCF Coaches offers that too!

We will continue to offer the Weekly/Monthly Personal Coaching sessions with your Assigned Coach as follow:
  • 1 WEEKLY 1-on-1 Session: R400 added to your membership plan.
  • 1 WEEKLY 1-on-1 Session: R1500 added to your membership plan.
These are great opportunities to work on any area of your fitness that you want your coach to focus on with you in an individual environment. Most of the fee also goes to the Coach so it's a great way to support your coaches in a time where their income has been reduced to some degree during the Lockown.

NB. We also offer 10-session Packages of Personal Coaching if you are looking at doing more frequent 1-on-1 sessions.


We'd love to meet you and talk about your health & fitness goals. You can now book a FREE 1-on-1 session with one of our coaches to see our facility (or Online) and chat about your training to tailor your membership plan to suit YOUR needs. No commitment needed to do a Free Intro session and we'll even throw in a cool CCF WOD (Workout Of the Day) to give you a good sense of what we can do for you.

We are excited to offer not only what we consider the best Health & Fitness training in Cape Town, but also the most tailorable membership plans possible to make sure that you feel that you are getting the right value out of your CCF Membership.

Send us an email today and we'll get back to you with a chance of setting yourself up for the best choice you've ever made for your Health & Fitness:

[email protected]