Lose big, Win big - the 10 Week CCF Summer Nutrition Challenge is here!

Lose big, Win big - the 10 Week CCF Summer Nutrition Challenge is here!

02 September 2019

Join the "CCF Summer Nutrition Challenge" - 10 weeks that can see you win and lose big at the same time!

And by that, we mean winning as in winning a new Healthy Habit based lifestyle that can last forever and for some winning big like taking home the top spots in the challenge. The winners walk away with FREE CCF Membership worth thousands of rands + supplements to support their training and lifestyle! 

But we also mean losing as in either body weight or cm, or actually most importantly: lose Body Fat %.

Our challenges aren't built on who can lose the most body weight, but rather who can change their body composition the most. So building muscles while losing body fat is a good recipe, and our different Nutrition Protocols* can definitely get you there.

*In the CCF Nutrition Guide which is included in this Challenge we list 6 different ways of eating that can help anyone "lean out", lose weight, or build muscles depending on what YOUR goals are.


  • WHAT: 10 Week Nutrition Challenge
  • DATES: 9th of September - 18th of November 2019.
  • ENTRY FEE: R250 (cash only)
    - Our CCF Upgraded Nutrition Protocol Guide manual sent to you.
    - 1 Weekly Habit to create a lifelong Healthy Lifestyle.
    - Midway Nutrition Workshop on Saturday the 12th of October (After Open 20.1!) at CCF HQ.
    - Before & After Measurements and photos to follow your progress.
  • SIGN UP: By coming to any of the below sessions in our 3 CCF Boxes.
    We ONLY allow measurements during these sessions so please make a plan to come in if you wan t to take part!

How do I win?

The entire structure is set up so that all participants get ranked in both their Body Composition improvement (percentage-based decrease in body fat) and also in the Coaches votes for the before & after picture.

Best transformations in each box will be rewarded, as well as some added prizes for the top 3 finishers across the board!

Prize pool!

Yes of course there also has to be some epic prizes to fight for in a challenge like this, 10 weeks after the start we will find 3 winners in each box that all will walk away with a lot of FREE CCF Memberships to the value of several thousands of R. 


  • 1st Prize: 3 Months of Unlimited Membership, (Value R4.497)
  • 2nd Prize: 2 Months of Unlimited Membership, (Value R2.998)
  • 3rd Prize: 1 Month of Unlimited Membership, (Value R1.499)
    This means that 3 athletes from CCF Gardens, 3 from CCF Newlands, and 3 from CCF Century City will walk away with one of the above prizes!

Then on top of that the 3 OVERALL winners (as in between all 3 boxes) wins these full value vouchers from our nutrition partners Nutritech & Adapt Your Life:


  • 1st Prize: R3.000 worth of Supplements from Nutritech + 3 Boxes of Protein Bars from Adapt Your Life (value R750)
  • 2nd Prize: R2.000 worth of Supplements from Nutritech + 2 Boxes of Protein Bars from Adapt Your Life (value R500)
  • 3rd Prize: R1.000 worth of Supplements from Nutritech + 1 Boxes of Protein Bars from Adapt Your Life (value R250)

This means that the total value of the Nutrition Challenge is over R40.000 - but the cool thing is that even if not everyone can win a prize, everyone can walk away as winners in their “new" improved body composition - and even more so: with a great way of moving forward with HEALTHY EATING HABITS that can last a lifetime!

How do I Enter!?

To make sure that this challenge is as fair as possible, and for us to streamline the admin around it, we are ONLY offering measuring times at the below times to start the challenge.

You simply bring your R250 (cash only) to the coach in question and we'll get you weighed & measured - literally - to start the challenge.

Once you have entered you'll receive the CCF Nutrition Guide which you then chose YOUR preferred way of eating from the 6 different ways we recommend. We even provide you with a Score Sheet to keep track your accountability each day (this is however not giving any "points" for the challenge, but rather a way for YOU to keep track).

On Monday the 9th everyone that has entered will be invited to the CLOSED FACEBOOK GROUP where we'll share further tips, recipes, and support to get you all through these 10 weeks. We'll also send you your first Habit on this day!


GARDENS with Coach Tash:

Let us know if you have any questions at all in regards of this challenge, we are super excited to help as many as possible of our members towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle and just like Coach Greg Glassman back in the day we too believe that the very foundation for your fitness lays in your NUTRITION HABITS!