Make 2019 your Fittest year yet - let the most experienced coaching team in Cape Town guide you!

Make 2019 your Fittest year yet - let the most experienced coaching team in Cape Town guide you!

30 December 2018

Join us for as little as 3 months and let us change the rest of your life - all NEW members in January 2019 gets a month of FREE Nutrition Online Coaching!

Did you know that as few as 8% of people who make New Years resolutions keep them..?
We don't believe in the good old: "in 2019 I'm gonna stop [insert general bad habit]" type of promises to yourself - we know you mean well but in the end a goal without a plan is a plan to fail, right?

We're sorry to say but the chances of you sticking to one of these, without a solid plan, are quite slim. 

But isn't signing up at Cape CrossFit the same as making a New Years Resolution to "in 2019 I'm gonna start training!"

Not really. What we are saying is that with us at Cape CrossFit we set you up for success, AND we don't need you to "promise" us you are here for a long period. If you do become a member we only require you to commit for 3 months, and that's basically a promise to yourself that you'll give yourself the best chance to properly try us out - after that your membership turns into an "open ended" one with a 30 day cancellation policy. 
We simply know that we are good enough to keep our members for ever without having to lock them in with long term agreements, and considering the fact that the average membership span at CCF currently is +3.5 years we think we're right!

So, here's what we think you should do: come and test out one of our Free Intro sessions asap and we'll give you an amazing plan to actually create a new lifestyle rather than just restricting yourself from habits that are hard to break.
If you become a member in January 2019 we don't only take you into one of the most fitness building communities around, but we also help you get a great start towards a healthier & fitter version of yourself with one of our CCF Nutrition Coaches helping you making the right choices during your first month of training with us!

Coach Di & Coach Tash have been helping plenty of our members losing weight, gaining muscle, getting stronger - and simply becoming healthier in 2018. In 2019 they can help YOU do the same!

PS. This can also be a great setup for our next CCF Nutrition Challenge where you can win a YEAR of FREE Training at CCF!

Our CCF Challenges are getting more and more popular, and the results are getting better every time we run one, so we recommend you to think about starting our next one that runs for 8 weeks from the 21st of January 2019

In our last challenge (you can read about it HERE!) we had almost 20 participants lose +5kg, and 4 of them even over 10kg(!) in just 8 weeks, AND the increase in fitness and performance markers were incredible!

In our last challenge Barbie was one of 2 female winners, she lost 13.0kg(!) and walked away with a sweet R6,750 in prize money.

On top of that we added a prize pool guarantee of R30,000 for the last CCF Nutrition challenge and 4 split winners walked away with +R6,000 each in cash - not a bad payday for 8 weeks of becoming healthier and fitter?
For the next challenge we aren't only giving the winners cash, but also a chance to win a whole year of Free Training at CCF, keep your eyes open for more info in the new year!

So, how do I get started?

Contact us TODAY and book your free intro session where you get to meet one of our coaches, hear us explain our successful training program, and of course test out a cool Cape CrossFit WOD (Workout of the day). We run the intro sessions at different times in our three CCF Boxes so please drop us an email to [email protected] and we'll give you all the options available for you to start 2019 with the first steps on your journey towards the fittest you yet!