Meet the CCF Healthy Eating Challenge Winners!

Meet the CCF Healthy Eating Challenge Winners!

07 December 2020

After 8 weeks of hard work in the gym, and in the kitchen, here are our best transformations.

But, before we go into the winners and their stories, let's just take a minute and chat about how successful this challenge actually was - as it was by far our most result giving challenge to date!

Firstly, what was the challenge all about?

The "CCF Healthy Eating Habits" was designed to help the participants both create a change in body composition during these 8 weeks, but most importantly: create a "Forever Nutrition Lifestyle" that they can now continue with after the challenge is done.

This is how we did it:

  • We first did inBody measurements to get the athletes complete starting profile:
    Cool things about the inBody: non-invasive measurements + super detailed reports!

  • We then let the participants chose between a broad variety of Healthy Eating Lifestyles, with the direction to choose one that suited THEIR lifestyle.
  • We guided participants towards measuring and weighing their food for 3 days only and then we asked them to write up their "perfect day" and tape it on the fridge as a guide for the next 8 weeks.
  • We sent out a Weekly SIMPLE, yet powerful, Habits:
  • We did a halfway measurement 4 weeks in to see what direction the participants were going, and gave them guidance on what to fine-tune according to the new data.
  • After that halfway check in we also did a short webinar with guidance on how to "stay the course" and adjust as per above if needed.
  • We then finished off with our Final Measurements last week and the results were AMAZING!


Just to give you an insight to how powerful this challenge really was across the board (and not just for the amazing results the winners got below), here's some cool data:

  • IMPROVED Body Composition: 40/45 re-measured participants (that's 89%!).
  • AVERAGE Weight Lost: 2.0kg per person.
    This was not a weight loss challenge, but most had that as a part goal.
  • AVERAGE Body Fat lost: 2.1kg per person.
  • AVERAGE Body Fat %-units lost: 1.75%
  • AVERAGE Improved Body Composition: 7.6% 

The crazy thing about this is that the above numbers are AVERAGES, and to see these kind of numbers for such a huge number of the participants in this challenge is mind blowing. 
What is really cool is that even though there's an average of 2kg body weight lost per person there was also several athletes that actually put on muscle mass during this challenge, which was part of their goal, and even though you'll see some of the below winners did lose quite a bit of weight there was others that lost even more!

As explained, we are however not focusing on weight loss as a priority for our eating habits as the change in body composition is the thing that really matters - as you'll see with the winners below.


The challenge was set up so that the top 3 participants in EACH of our 3 Cape CrossFit boxes would walk away not only with a better body composition, but also with some Free Membership to a total value of almost R50.000!

These are the prizes for the winners in each CCF Box:

  1. 6 Months of CCF Unlimited Membership, (value: R9.594)
  2. 3 Months of CCF Unlimited Membership, (value: R4.797)
  3. 1 Month of CCF Unlimited Membership, (value: R1.599)


  1. Justin Parker (pic above):
    - Body Fat% from 10.9 to 6.4 = 41.28% improvement!
    - Body Weight 84.4 to 81.5kg - (-3.9kg).
    - Lost 4.0kg of Body Fat Weight AND gained 0.8kg of Muscle Mass!
  2. Avron Goodman:
    - Body Fat% from 22.9 to 18.8 = 17.90% improvement.
    - Body Weight 71.8 to 65.1kg - lost 6.7kg total weight!
  3. Johannes Coetzee: 
    - Body Fat% from 15.9 to 13.1 = 17.61% improvement!
    - Body Weight 74.4 to 72.5kg - (-1.9kg).
    - Lost 2.3kg of Body Fat Weight AND gained 0.2kg of Muscle Mass!


  1. Vaughn Wilkinson (pic above):
    - Body Fat% from 12.5 to 10.1 = 19.20% improvement!
    - Body Weight 81.7 to 80.0kg - (-0.9kg).
    - Lost 2.1kg of Body Fat Weight AND gained 0.8kg of Muscle Mass!
  2. Geena Williams:
    - Body Fat% from 27.4 to 23.0 = 16.06% improvement.
    - Body Weight 63.9 to 60.3kg - lost 3.6kg total weight.
    - Lost 3.6kg of Body Fat Weight AND gained 0.2kg of Muscle Mass!
  3. Yusuf Limbada: 
    - Body Fat% from 28.5 to 24.4 = 14.39% improvement!
    - Body Weight 89.1 to 85.3kg.
    - Lost 4.6kg of Body Fat Weight AND gained 0.7kg of Muscle Mass!


  1. Lindsay Knoesen (pic above):
    - Body Fat % from 30.3 to 24.9 = 17.82% improvement.
    - Body Weight 62.0 to 60.1kg - (-1.9kg).
    - Lost 3.8kg of Body Fat Weight AND gained 1.4kg of Muscle Mass!
  2. Charl Knoesen:
    - Body Fat % from 14.6 to 12.6 = 13.7% improvement.
    - Body Weight 97.6 to 94.0kg - lost 3.6kg total weight.
  3. Conrad O'Callaghan: 
    - Body Fat % from 31.1 to 27.2 = 12.54% improvement!
    - Body Weight 97.7 to 90.1kg - lost total 6.6kg!
    - Out of that 5.6kg was Fat Weight!


What's really cool to highlight in the above results is that even though most of the winners on the podium did lose some weight, they weren't necessarily doing so drastically - instead we can see how multiple of them actually managed to build a little bit of muscles WHILE losing fat which usually is a very hard thing to do!

We're super proud of all our participants hard work and we will share some of their success stories over the next few days to show you what they did and how they experienced these 8 weeks. 

PS. Our next CCF Healthy Eating Habits Challenge is planned to start in the second half of January 2021 and we can't wait to see if we can't make that one even bigger and better than this one!