NEW Membership fees at Cape CrossFit!

NEW Membership fees at Cape CrossFit!

31 July 2022

When everything else is getting more expensive, we are going in the other direction!

Cape CrossFit's goal has always been to be accessible for as many human beings as possible.
With the current relatively uncertain times for many we see a need to revise our membership structures to continue growing our brand, and to make sure we are more flexible in regards of what YOU might be looking for as a Cape CrossFit-member in 2022.

We believe our new membership structures will make it easier for everyone to find an option that suits their individual fitness goals, lifestyle - and pocket.
This post serves to give you an explanation to what the new membership structures means, but also as a call for action because with the introduction of a set number of Local Memberships in each CCF-box (see below) we recommend you to "book" YOUR membership now already as they might be running out relatively quickly AND:

SIGN UP as a NEW Member now and get the below new membership fees for the rest of August 2022!

These are the different CCF MEMBERSHIPS available from September 2022.
  • CCF SILVER MEMBERSHIP: This gives access to Three (3) Weekly CCF CrossFit Classes (or Base Camp) classes, but not to CCF Barbell Club or Add-On Slots.
    NB: Note that this membership option is not available at CCF Century City.
  • CCF GOLD MEMBERSHIP: This gives access to Unlimited Weekly CCF CrossFit Classes (or Base Camp) classes, but not to CCF Barbell Club or Add-On Slots.
  • CCF PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP: This gives access to Unlimited Weekly CCF CrossFit Classes (or Base Camp) classes, AND to the CCF Barbell Club or Add-On Slots for both those who just want more training and those that are following our CCF Competition Track.


Our old memberships were all "Global" (meaning that they give access to all current CCF-boxes), but we are now offering a Local Membership that gives access to only your "Home Box"-classes. Those memberships will however only be offered until said Home Box has reached a certain number of TOTAL memberships (both local and global) - these are the levels for each CCF Box:
  • CCF HQ - "The Factory": 250 Memberships (this includes Concept Cardio members).
  • CCF Southern Suburbs: 150 Memberships.
  • CCF 7130 (SSW): 150 Memberships. 
  • CCF  Century City: N/A, Local Discount only available on Platinum Memberships.
    NB: Once the above cap has been reached in a box, that specific box will not be offering Local Memberships for any new sign ups, only Global memberships without the discount will be available after that.

Cape CrossFit currently operates 4 Boxes across the Western Cape, (Note that some of the memberships and discount variations are not available in Century City).


Important: Either NO Commitment Period or 12 months to claim Loyalty discount.

Note that we are also changing the terms for any NEW signed membership where there is now NO commitment period required (standard 30 Day Cancellation Policy applies). You can however sign up for a 12 months membership and enjoy a R100/month discount!

These are the different CCF DISCOUNTS available from September 2022.

  • CCF LOCAL MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNT - R100/off any membership with access restricted to your "CCF Home Box".
    NB: Note that this discount is only available on Platinum Memberships at CCF Century City.
  • CCF LOYALTY DISCOUNT - R100/month off any membership with a 12 months Commitment.
  • CCF FAMILY DISCOUNT - R100/month off any membership when you and a direct family member or spouse both sign up.
  • CCF STUDENT DISCOUNT - R200/month off any membership, accessible for full time students only.

NB: Only TWO (2) Discounts can be combined at any given time. 

In short: with a new more affordable fee structure, and only a limited amount of Local Membership, we project our memberships to sell out relatively swiftly so get in touch with us TODAY to find out how we can make you create your Fittest Life yet!

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