New Membership Structure at Cape CrossFit from 1st of June - Lock in your fees and save for 12 months!

New Membership Structure at Cape CrossFit from 1st of June - Lock in your fees and save for 12 months!

21 May 2019

Sign a new membership agreement before then and save for 12 months!

As the membership fees do increase slightly (R100/month) from next month we want to offer anyone keen to get started with us a chance to lock in our Current Fees for 12 months, IF a membership is signed before the last of May (last of June for current members*).

So, if you have been thinking about starting a journey towards the fittest and healthiest version of yourself NOW is the right time to get started.
All our membership guarantees protection against fee increases for a 12 month period, so if you become a member in May you can simply enjoy our current lower fees until May 2020!
*Current CCF members will have until the last of June 2019 to sign a renewal membership agreement according to their current membership to last an additional 12 months from then - see more below.

New Membership Structure from June 2019

From the 1st of June 2019 we will no longer offer our "Base"-memberships, but instead ALL memberships signed after the 1st of June 2019* will allow our members to train unlimited days per week!

We are doing this change as we believe that all our members should have the opportunity to train as often as they feel like, and we also know that even though maybe "3 times per week is the perfect frequency" for some, we can also increase your results by just increasing that to 4 or maybe even 5 sessions per week here and there.
This also goes in line with us offering all the cool perks we have built in to the membership structures (see below) at a fair value for everyone.

The memberships offered after 1st of June 2019:

  • CCF All Inclusive: R1,799/month 
  • CCF Unlimited Peak: R1,499/month
  • CCF Unlimited Off Peak: R1,299/month
    All these fees are only available with Debit Order Memberships, or by paying a full 12 months upfront.

All these membership variations give access to training 7 days per week (6 days at CCF Newlands & CCF Century City) and all the other below membership perks!
The CCF All Inclusive gives access to any Special Classes (as an example the CCF Barbell Club sessions on Mondays & Wednesdays at CCF HQ - Gardens), and is also required for anyone following our CCF Competition Program with access to the facility for extra sessions programmed by us.

Special Membership Discounts - valid from June 2019

Firstly, our two "Satellite" boxes (CCF Newlands & CCF Century City) offers Local Memberships at R100 less/month on the above fees, these gives access ONLY to the box they are signed at.

We also allow the following discounts to accommodate for families, students and first responders:

  • Family Discount: 20% per membership for family members living together (proof of residence required).
  • Student Discount: 20% per membership for full time students (proof of current term student registration required).
  • First Responders: 20% per membership (proof of employment as Fire Fighter, Police Officer, or Ambulance Services required)

These discounts can not be combined, and are only available on the full price membership - not the local memberships in the Satellite boxes.

Membership Perks for memberships signed from 1st of June 2019


Let the most experienced coaching team in Cape Town help you reach YOUR goals.

Our main product is always the coaching you are getting in your classes by our World Class Coaching Team, but there are some other cool things that you get as a CCF member:

  • Access to 3 Boxes with over 150 combined classes offered per week across Cape Town.
    (Not included in the Local Memberships at the Satellite boxes)
  • Daily Coaching by the most experienced Coaching Team in Cape Town.
    (Check out our coaches credentials HERE!)
  • 1-on-1 Guidance through the "CCF Journey" (see below).
    (For members with agreements signed after 1st of June 2019)
  • CCF Members T-shirt.
    (1 per 12 months of membership)
  • CCF Logbook - great way to keep track of your progress!
    (1 per 12 months of membership)
  • Access to our members platform via the BoxChamp App.
    (You can book classes and log workout scores here as well)
  • 10% Discount on Personal Coaching with our CCF Coaches.
  • Members Discounts on Supplements & Merchandise in the CCF Box Shops.

The new and improved "CCF Journey" for new members! 

We have always believed that some kind of individual guidance outside of the regular classes will help anyone new to our way of training to adapt to CrossFit in a much easier way, and now we have improved that structure further where you are offered more 1-on-1 Guidance by our expert coaches than ever before.

These are the steps we are now taking at the start of any new membership with all our members:

  1. 4 sessions of 1-on-1 or small group CCF Basics Course with individualised coaching adapted to your capacity from Day 1!
    These are subject of scheduling availability and we require 2 fixed sessions in a regular Thursday class during these 2 weeks as part of integrating you to our way of training.
  2. 30 days of FREE Online Nutrition Coaching (optional): 
    - Checkin (and optional body measurements) at Start of Basics Course.
    - 14 Day Check in via Online Chat with our Nutrition Coaches.
    - 30 Day Check in via Online Chat with our Nutrition Coaches.
    These sessions are giving you a general guidance and are not about weighing and measuring your food. Our Nutrition Coaches also offers 1-on-1 coaching after these 30 days at an additional fee.
  3. 1-on-1 Goal Getting Sessions at the 30, 60 and 90 day mark from the start of YOUR CCF Journey:
    These are sessions where you meet up with your assigned coach and chat about your training, and what you want to focus on moving forward.
  4. 1-on-1 Goal Getting Sessions every 2-3 months after the initial 90 days:
    These are similar to the first 3 Goal Getting sessions, but as you gain more experience we've found that every 2-3 months is a good frequency to revisit your goals.
  5. Continuous Guidance by your Assigned Coach:
    Even though you'll most likely train with our other world class coaches in the classes, your Assigned Coach is your guide "for life" at CCF and will always be checking in on you to ensure your journey are as positive as we know it can be!

So, even though these goal getting sessions aren't "Personal Training" per definition we know that the combination with the highly motivating Group Class environment and this added accountability & guidance is the best possible way for anyone to reach there fitness goals. 

We are so confident in our product that we actually don't do long contracts - after an initial 3 months commitment period (so that we can take you through those crucial initial 90 days), your membership is on a month to month basis with a 30 day cancellation period simply because we know you'll want to continue training with us forever once you see the amazing results and fun environment we can provide you with!

Loyal CCF members can sign an extension of their current agreement before the 20th of June 2019! 
(Look out for an email in your inbox this week explaining the process)

We believe that our "new" memberships are well worth their fees, but we also always believe in rewarding our loyal members so therefor we are allowing anyone with a current CCF Membership to sign it on the SAME terms as they are currently on.
That means that current members can lock in their fees for 12 months from the 1st of July 2019 at the current rate, and also have access to our Base Memberships if they sign a new membership from then.
NB: The only change if doing so would be that our new Debit Order date is the 27th of each month for the next month's training.

Current members that sign a new agreement also get a new t-shirt, logbook, and access to the CCF Journey (minus a Basics Course) and the initial 30-60-90 day goal getting sessions - and an Assigned Coach to chat goals with every 2-3 months.
For anyone signing either the All Inclusive or the CCF Unlimited they also get 30 days of FREE Nutrition Coaching too!

There you have it, regardless if you are a current member or someone who wants to get started with us we highly recommend you to chat to our team ASAP about becoming a member or extending your current agreement with us: