New Schedule for CCF v2018 - welcome to Cape CrossFit HQ!

New Schedule for CCF v2018 - welcome to Cape CrossFit HQ!

06 January 2018

We are super excited to announce the growing offering at CCF - and the creation of Cape CrossFit HQ!

As you may know we are merging our two town boxes on the 15th of January, and obviously with such a massive membership base (approx 400 total members) we'll need a scheduling that helps accommodating all of those Fitness craving athletes. 

What is Cape CrossFit HQ?

With the merge of our CCF Foreshore & CCF Gardens box we decided to renovate our CCF Gardens box and it will now be growing! 

3 Rooms with 220-300m2 of workout space each, new bathrooms, and much more!

The below is only a few of the changes planned for now, but we are already looking at possibly growing even more in the future:

  • New Reception, entrance from Roodehek Street, with social area and in-house shop.
  • New shower and bathrooms, there will be one for men and one for ladies + additional toilets.
  • New Barbell Room for Weightlifting with platforms built into the floor (old entrance room).
  • Upgrade of the entire facility and new rigs and other performance stations to be mounted (this will take place over the next couple of months).
  • A MASSIVE Equipment stock. With the combined equipment and machine park from the two boxes this will be a CrossFitters wet dream!
    How does close to 20 rowers and air bikes sound? Plenty Ski Ergs, more barbells than we can fit members on the floor, and rig space for up to 30-40 athletes at the same time depending on how many of the rooms we will be using for one class!
  • The best coaching team we know of. The combined knowledge and experience among your CCF Coaches will to our knowledge be unmatched. All our coaches are at the very least a CrossFit Level 2, have several Speciality Courses under their belts - and most importantly an average of above 1000 coached hours each!

And the new scheduling?

At the end of last year we sent out a Members Survey at the end of last year to gather some more info to help us plan for the merge and we have used that info when putting this initial CCF HQ schedule together, please note that the schedule will be up on BoxChamp from next week for bookings:

Try not to get lost in all these class offerings. :)

Almost 70 classes per week.

The above schedule is our first version that we will continuously revise as needed in case certain classes gets overfull. Based on the feedback we got from our members in our survey, we think that we are covering most to all needs with these classes and can't wait to see these classes fill up over time!

We are now Open 7 days a week!

By now offering an Open Gym on Sundays you can literally train at CCF every day of the week. One of the things that came up as a "goal for 2018" in our Survey was "To get Stronger!" so we will actually program a strength biased WOD for the Sundays that you can get coached through as we'll also have a coach on the floor at all times during our Open Gyms!
NB: We do NOT recommend anyone to train 7 days a week, 3 days on, 1 day off is a great way of getting the best results but we also gladly chat to you about YOUR weekly training schedule in our 1-on-1 Goal Getting Sessions.

Open Gym Rules:

  • The box opens and closes at the times announced, please respect that.
  • CCF is still a Class Based Facility, the Open Gyms on the weekends are the ONLY ones offered.
    (The rest of the time you can simply enjoy some of the best coaching in the world with our CCF Coaches).
  • Respect your fellow members and make sure everyone gets the space they need.
  • Keep it clean, we expect you to put your stuff away and wipe off any blood, sweat & tears from the equipment used.
  • The Open Gym sessions counts towards your allocation in line with your membership option. 

Class Caps:

We know that some time slots will be more popular than others and as such we are doing "Double Coached Classes" at 16.00 & 17.00 initially. If needed we'll implement this in other classes as well!
The idea is that we will never allow you to not get the personal attention you deserve in each class, class caps will be as follow:

  • All classes except 16.00 & 17.00: 18 athletes (at least 1 coach)
  • 16.00 & 17.00: 24 athletes (2 coaches)

What about my favourite coaches?

The most scheduled coaches will continue to coach around the times they did before, and you'll be able to see which coaches are coaching which classes in BoxChamp as well. That said, one of the BIG benefits we see with the merge into CCF HQ is that you will be in the very capable hands of MANY CCF Coaches - you can always learn something new from each coach so it can only make you better!

Off Peak vs Peak Classes?

The CCF Off Peak Memberships allows for access to "any class STARTING no earlier than 7am or no later than 16.30 in the afternoon. 
This means that there are plenty of choices for you that are on the CCF Off Peak Memberships still. 07.30, 08.30, 12.00 and 16.00 plus the weekends.

Nitro vs CCF Class?

The Nitro classes will, just like before, be run in a 45min class where you can chose to hang around after the class and work with the coach on either a part of the daily program that may have been moved to the end, or the popular After Party.
Most times these classes follow the epic CCF Programming fully, but like said we do move certain pieces towards the end if needed to ensure that the class sticks to it's 45min plan.

CCF Fitness vs CCF Performance?

We will continue to run both our programs in all classes for now, the programs are very often similar and our coaches are highly skilled in coaching both levels. If you are on the Performance program and prefer a little bit of more guided attendance we recommend the two double coached classes at 16.00 & 17.00 as they will have one coach focusing on the CCF Performance program mainly.
NB: If you aren't on the CCF Performance program yet, but aim to get there one day you must mention this to your coach in you 1-on-1 Goal Getting session so we can make a plan to have you reach that level!

And what about the CCF Competition?

The CCF Competition program is based on invites from our Head Coach Chris. We do require that you have been on the CCF Performance program (or equivalent) for at least 6 months and we also require that you can put aside at least 2.5 hours per day during the times offered to be able to follow this program - drop our Head Coach an email if you have any questions about this: [email protected]

Speciality Classes coming!

We also have a lot of cool things planned, one of them being speciality classes for Weightlifting and Gymnastics first. These classes will be offered as add-ons on top of the regular membership, but will be heavily discounted for you as a CCF member. Keep your eyes open for these exciting additions in February 2018!

What's next?

Well on top of the Speciality classes mentioned above, we also believe that we will probably need to expand the above schedule even further in the future - and we have a plan for it.
We ask you to first plan your training according to this schedule for at least 4 weeks and then give us some feedback as we gladly listen. As you understand everyone have different times that are PERFECT for them, but the cool thing about our boxes is that even if you happen to have to come in a bit early for a class to make it fit into your schedule you know that you'll have tons of fun and stuff to do while waiting!


We hope that you are as excited as we are about the creation of Cape CrossFit HQ and all the training opportunities offered here, we expect the energy in the classes to be unmatched every single day and are convinced that the results that will follow in such a positive environment can only be described as WORLD CLASS.

Come and hang out with the coolest dawgs in Cape Town on a regular basis and get the best results possible with our amazing CCF programming and super well educated CCF Coaches - we know that 2018 will be your fittest year yet!