No special deals, only results - book your CCF Personal Consultation now and change your life for ever!

No special deals, only results - book your CCF Personal Consultation now and change your life for ever!

22 January 2017

It's the "crazy time of the year" in the fitness industry and to the left, right, and centre you can find "specials" of "free training" and buy 1 get 2 or whatever else not - but not necessarily at CCF. 

We value our current members and our way of training too much to give it away for free, however what we do offer instead is a proven way of getting lifelong results!

Many of our members have been with us for years. Some as many as +7 from when we started in 2009, and the average member for between 18-36 months depending on which of our 3 boxes you look at (they were all founded in different years). What that should tell you is that we are not offering "quick fixes" (those never work anyway) but instead we are offering a structure and a training system that will give you results forever. We want to change your lifestyle, not your 2 week plan...

Book your CCF Personal Consultation now and start your CCF Journey with an Assessment that can change your life!

More than 400 Capetonians are already training with us at CCF, and our results speaks for themselves. What is really cool however, is that we are individualising all our members goals by simply looking at where YOU are right now and making a plan to get you where you want to be. 

Our CCF Personal Consultation is indeed free of charge as we want you to get a good chance to see what we are all about, meet one of our coaches to set some goals, and only then decide if CCF is the place for you.

Here's what we will cover in your 30min CCF Personal Consultation:

  • Background - by knowing what you have done before, we can easily tailor our program to your capacity going forward.
  • Goals - we care about what's important to YOU.
  • Body Composition - this will be a great way to track your results with our way of training as your body will change.
    CCF is not necessarily a weight loss program, even if we help with that when needed, but more about feeling good in your body by making it stronger, more athletic and by doing so leaning out.
  • Movement Assessment - we will test your capacity in 3 body weight movements to see what you can and can't do (yet) which will help us guide you towards a well rounded, strong and functional human body.
  • How to move forward - Our CCF Coaches will then guide you with a recommended path from here. How often should/can you train? What can you focus on changing in your lifestyle and so on. We are here to help YOU.

What happens after the CCF Personal Consultation?

After the consultation you will be booked in to our Free Intro session, yes you can actually attend one more session without commitment before you decide to join as a CCF Member - just like all our currently happy members have done when they started with us. 

The Free Intro session forms part of our CCF Basics Course which consists of the Intro and 5 more sessions. Those 5 sessions are designed for new members and will take you through the foundations of CrossFit movements, make you comfortable in our environment, and obviously we will also do a CCF WOD (Workout Of the Day) in each of these sessions so we start building your fitness here already!

After the 6 total sessions in our CCF Basics Course you will now be ready to go to the regular classes. But your Personal Coaching doesn't stop there.

The CCF Assigned Coach System helps you on your journey forever!

The CCF Coaches mission statement: Doing all the right Things, for all the right People, for all the right Reasons - by Coach Glassman.

Just like we guided you in the very beginning of your CCF Journey we also want to make sure we are connected to your goals, for ever. That's why all CCF members have an Assigned Coach to meet up with for our 30min Goal Getting Sessions! 

You meet up with your Assigned Coach either once a month or every other month depending on which membership option you have and in those Goal Getting Sessions we keep on tracking your progress, look at how far you have come from the original Consultation and of course set new goals to keep you motivated. 

All this is actually included in our Memberships and most our members are getting GREAT results from this system. For some however they also like to spend some more time with our CCF Coaches to further individualise their training to work on weaknesses or just to get an individualised focus in some additional sessions, and that's where our CCF Personal Coaching fits right in!

CCF Personal Coaching for those that want more.

This option is for those that want to focus even more on certain weaknesses, like the full attention they're getting in a 1-on-1 session, or even those that have a specific goal in mind that they want to devote some additional attention to. Our CCF Coaches usually offer 10-session packages at a discounted rate* for our CCF Members and now we also have a special 5-session packages designed to improve on certain areas at a discounted rate for CCF Members as well - if you want to focus on any of the below you can contact us asap and we can set you up for as little as R1399 (only available for CCF Members):

  • Getting the first Pull Up.
  • Getting the first Hand Stand Push Up.
  • Getting the first Muscle Up.
  • Gymnastic efficiency on the bar. 
  • Improving Hand Stand Push Up stamina/strength & Hand Stand Walk.
  • Work on the Snatch and/or Clean & Jerk. 
  • Pass the CCF Big Dawgs Test (5 sessions designed to help you personally).

    NB: All the above areas can be covered at any time on your journey, the structure from the coach will obviously be tailored to your current capacity and depending on where you are in your progress but the end goal and result is always IMPROVEMENT.

*The CCF Coaches availability and fee structure can vary. The 10-session packages ranges from R2.700 for CCF Members (R3.000 for non members). 
You can find more info on all our coaches here: CCF COACHES 

Lastly, we don't lock you in for a long term contract - we know you will stay with us forever anyway..

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, most of our members have been with us for years. Some have definitely been "New Years Resolutions", but the difference from us and a regular gym where you swipe your card and stand in the corner, is that our community of likeminded individuals makes you want to stay for ever.

Yes, at the beginning of your membership we do require a short 3 months "commitment period" but that is basically for YOU to realise that you want to commit to yourself to make a healthy change for as little as 3 months. After that we have a 30 day cancellation period without any added cancellation fees. Why so liberal? Well, our members that have been with us for all the way up to 7 years haven't gone anywhere and neither will you once you realise that CCF doesn't offer a new "gym". What we offer is a new Lifestyle

Contact us now to book your Free CCF Personal Consultation - we want to set you off on your new healthy and fit CCF Journey asap!

Telephone: 021-461 02 43
Email: [email protected]