Non Scale Victories

Non Scale Victories

26 October 2016

I am pretty chuffed to say that most of your goals around the CCF Whole Life Challenge centered around the aim of improving your eating habits and your performance in gym, but that is not to say that the offshoot of this for many, was to lose weight in the process. 

At CCF we have always championed the method of working hard in the gym, aiming for PR's and fueling your WODS as the catalyst of body composition changes. Our scale is cranky and old and although it is a one way to measure success, it is not the only way we like to do it. 

Seeing the number on a scale go down doesn’t really tell you the QUALITY of weight being lost. And it sure as hell doesn't indicate any healthy lifestyle habits you may have picked up and will sustain. 

You should be more concerned with what the mirror is telling you. Do your clothes fit better now that you are loosing cm around your waist? Are you lifting more than ever and recovering better from your WODS? How's your gymnastics feeling these days? 

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do you feel full and satisfied after every meal because the food choices you made nourish your body as they should?
  • Do you have more energy? The kind that lasts the whole day and doesn't dip and rise. 
  • Are you sleeping better at night? 
  • Mood swings disappeared?

Perhaps these results are less quantifiable and harder to notice, however, the sooner you realize that these are better indicators of progress, the better off you will be.

Plus it takes the focus off weight loss and onto more enjoyable things: like eating good meals and crushing your WODS or smashing any other goals you may have. 

So lets stay off the scale for the next 2 weeks and use some of markers mentioned above as gauge of success? 

This is the third post based on an email sent out to all the participants in our CCF Eat Healthy challenge that is running for 8 weeks. Participants in the challenge gets the email on Sunday nights, then we post it on a Wednesday night for the rest of the world to see. 

Coach Tash
CCF Nutritional Advisor