"Proud" just doesn't cover it...

"Proud" just doesn't cover it...

02 June 2014

CrossFit Games Africa Regionals 2014 from a CCF view!

Actually don't really know where to start, but year after year I always find my self being completely empty and yet extremely motivated at the same time this the first day after "the big competition of the year". Year after year I also grow more and more in love with the community we have at Cape CrossFit and YOU, the people that is that very community, without you what we as coaches do on a daily basis wouldn't mean a thing...


We, as in Cape CrossFit the brand, have a very proud history of constant high placings in the various competitions throughout the years that we have been part of the competitive CrossFit scene in South Africa and even though this actually was the first year for us without a single podium placing, we are still extremely proud of all our competing athletes!


  • Ellie Hagopian (31st): Many of you may not have met Ellie, (she trains alone in the morning), but she have been with CCF since the very beginning and this was her 4th consecutive Africa Regional competition - very few have that record under their belt!
  • Vicky Polydorou (26th): Vicky is a new CCF athlete that is training mainly during daytime at CCF Foreshore, in her first big competition she did an amazing job and her big engine really showed in the 50's WOD where she kicked some serious butt!
  • Coach Seymour (29th): Chris is new under the CCF banner, but he is not new to the game. Qualifying as one of the last individual athletes Chris proved that his fitness is way better than that with a top 30 placing in what was arguably the most stacked mens competition in Africa, ever.
  • Coach Lara (8th): Lara is fairly new at CCF as well, but her competitive experience is vast. This year she fell short in some of the workouts that targeted her weaknesses but in the ones that was "old school CrossFit" Lara proved how fit she really is. 3rd in Nasty Girls v2.0, 3rd in the 50's & 4th in the final Pull Up & OHS-event took her in to top ten which is a huge feat for someone competing individually the first time!
  • Coach Grant (10th): To be top ten in the strongest Africa Regional ever in his first individual competition at this level is nothing but amazing - Grant will be a competitive athlete to count on for a long time! Grant took fourth in the Snatch event on day one and then also impressed massively by taking 5th in the Final event without even being in the final heat at that stage!
  • Team CCF Spider Pigs (20th): WOW! Qualifying among the last teams in the Region the "Piggies" had no other goal than to "have fun, and NOT finish last!". They overcame that goal with a wide margin and even pushed in to the top 10 (7th) in the HSPU event which proved how strong they really are. Niall and Graham were the slightly more experienced athletes in this team and did a great job leading the way for Francois, Zita, Lisa & Thamar who handled their first big competition with ease - to say that hey made us proud is the understatement of the year! IMG_5041 On top of a very cool performance these guys also showed love and support beyond normal for all our CCF athletes and friends throughout the weekend.
  • Team CCF Mighty Ducks (5th): Looking at a 5th place in retrospect sounds pretty decent, but without sounding negative: this wasn't our weekend.. We came out with hopes of a podium finish and I can honestly say that "if" we had performed remotely close to what we are capable of, we would also have had it. The teams on the podium really deserved to be there, PBM and Double Platinum are amazingly strong with a level that you usually only find on an international level otherwise, so I am not taking anything away from anyone that beat us fair and square. We just had a weekend where small mistakes cost us a lot. We actually only performed as well as in training in ONE event, Row/DU - Deadlift - TTB on the final day, and with the African level of competition getting stiffer each year you simply can't afford to not be on top of your game. I am however extremely proud of my team mates in the Ducks and any "failure" from any of them comes back to me as a coach - we can only gain from our experiences and come back stronger next time and it was a true privilege for me to get to compete with 5 amazing athletes and on top of that great friends over this weekend. IMG_5061 Kelly, Tammy, Tash, Arthur & JP - I'll fight on your team any time you would let me!

For Cape CrossFit the regionals was as said an overall great positive experience. We learnt a lot, we definitely showed that we are still a force to be reckoned with and our width is very impressive. For my self personally I am driven by improvement and seeing that there still is a lot of that to be found within the walls of our community drives me to keep on working as damn hard as I possibly can to make you all even more fiercer as competitors in the future - I am already back on that drawing board as we speak.. ;)

Final words and thanks!

At the end of the day the Regionals is only.. the Regionals. It is not the most important days of the year, it just happens to get a lot of our focus around that time. The most important days of the year is yesterday, today and tomorrow. And the day after that, and the day after that. We compete because we love to prove our fitness, but we train because we love to live. Competition is only a VERY small part of what we do at Cape CrossFit and I hope that it is evident every day that I and my team of coaches are there for the simple purpose of making you and all our other members capable of living a fitter and healthier life. We truly love what we do and to see how you guys continuously support us in and outside of the box (we actually had several members that travelled all the way to Jozi just to support us!) is appreciated beyond measure! A big thanks to all our members that was involved in one way or another. From all the way with helping out trough our Open Nights, judging and volunteering at the Regionals. A big shoutout to Imtiaz at CrossFit Jozi that once again gave us an amazing box to train at leading up to the competition and a few special thanks to our Team Captain Ritchie, Support leader and piggie driver Ridoh, Leandro the Ducks team daddy - and a personal HUGE thank you to Kelly and the Fisher family who once again opened their home to half the Mighty Ducks and gave us a warm bed and unmatched home away from home for a whole week once again! I'll finish this off a bit soppy with one of my favourite quotes (from Batman Begins obviously): - Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up. Here's to a strong future at Cape CrossFit! Coach Chris