Still not sure about entering the challenges? Check out the winners from the Winter one!

Still not sure about entering the challenges? Check out the winners from the Winter one!

30 August 2018

As the entries for the "CCF 8 Weeks to Summer" Challenge is raining in - we'd thought we'd pour some gasoline on to that fire!

Our last challenges ran for 6 weeks all the way back in April to May and we'd thought by announcing the winners and their prizes now we might even inspire you a bit more to make sure you too take part in the Summer versions that starts on Monday the 3rd of September in all 3 CCF Boxes!

CCF Performance Challenge

This challenge was based on four parts:

  • Min 0-1: Max Strict Pull Ups
  • Min 1-4: Max Lateral Burpees
  • Min 4-7: 1RM Hang Squat Snatch
  • Min 7-10: Max Deadlifts (at the weight for your 1RM Hang Snatch)

We simply divided the participants in RX and Modified depending on if they could do the Strict Pull Ups unassisted or not, and below you have the winners in the 4 different categories - all these winners walks away with R675 each!

  • Best MODIFIED Improved Performance: Albert Dreyer*, + 30% improvement.
  • Best MODIFIED Total Performance: Adri-Ann Peters. (253 total reps)
  • Best RX Improved Performance: Lisa-Ann Clarence, +61% improvement. 
  • Best RX Total Performance: JP Seini, (404 total reps)
    To figure out total performance we simply added the total reps performed on all 4 stations at the start, and at the end of the challenges.


Lisa won the RX Most Improved category of the CCF Winter Challenges!

CCF Nutrition Challenge

This challenge was based on two parameters:

  • Best improvement Body Composition wise from Caliper and Measure Tape mesurements.
  • Highest ranked "CCF Coaches Votes" on Before & After Pictures.

And by the end 6 weeks proved to be long enough to create some pretty epic changes - the winners are:

  1. Mark Steinbach, down 4kg, 6cm around waiste, and went from 21.8 to 19.2% body fat in only 6 weeks!
    Mark walks away with not only a flatter stomach, but also R1.000
  2. Albert Dreyer, lost 2.9kg, 1.5cm around waste, and lost 1.5kg of body fat while gaining +1kg of muscles!
    Albert walks away with R500 on top of his winnings above.
  3. Asher Jacobson, asher had a malfunction on the scale, but 
    Asher walks away with R300.

Let's talk about Albert quickly..

Albert was as you can see without a doubt "man of the match" in these two challenges with a Best Modified Improved Performance and a second place in the Nutrition Challenge! Now what's probably even cooler is that you might have heard about Albert before:

Let me tell you about Albert, a stroke survivor and now lover of life.

If not, let us just tell you how amazing his journey has been the last year. About a year ago Albert had a stroke in his home and after recovery and rehab he still had little to no use of his left arm..
Long story short not only have he made an amazing comeback to his training with the above amazing results, but as examples of how far he has come he is now spending his weekends rock climbing and just in July he did his first EVER workout with unassisted pull ups!

You see what we truly love about these challenges is not only that the motivation they bring to our members to perform better, but also how we see some amazing improvements across the board. Albert's transformation is dramatic, but the cool thing is that YOU too can create some amazing results in a fairly short time.

We will spend the next 8 weeks trying to improve as much as we possibly can, but in the end what we are looking for is the improved lifestyle through being healthier & fitter to last you a life time.

PS. Sign up for the NEW Challenges NOW and stand a chance to win R10.000!

If you haven't seen them yet, you should really read the below info about the new challenges that starts on the 3rd of September in all 3 Cape CrossFit Boxes. Our Gardens, Newlands & Century City will all be part of these massive challenges and the cash prizes alone have already made us have more sign ups for the Nutrition one than ever before!

READ ABOUT THE R30.000 prize pool "CCF 8 Weeks to Summer"-Nutrition Challenge here!

PS. We haven't announced the Performance part yet, but we can promise that it'll make you.. cough... ;)