Summer Schedule 2016-2017 from next week!

Summer Schedule 2016-2017 from next week!

20 October 2016

Summer is finally here and the 3 Cape CrossFit boxes are fuller than ever, so naturally we need to make some space in the classes for all you CrossFit-crazy members!

We hope that you will find that the new schedules, with plenty of added classes and some modified times, allows you to easily find space in your preferred classes. We hope you are as excited as us about having the biggest offering of CrossFit classes in Cape Town by a wide margin - we are now offering more than 120 classes per week across Cape Town!

Our goal has always been to offer the most inclusive schedule possible for our members to get their training in throughout the day.

Schedule Changes in Gardens, more PM Classes!

The PM classes in Gardens have been very popular lately so we are now going back to our Summer Schedule with 4 classes at night Monday - Thursday:

  • 16.00 - CCF Nitro
  • 17.00 - CCF Class
  • 18.00 - CCF Class
  • 19.00 - CCF Class

Schedule Changes in Foreshore, more AM Classes!

By popular request we are now adding an early CCF Nitro Class 3 times per week in our Foreshore Box (if it becomes very popular it might change to a 60min full class at 5.30am):

  • 05.45am - CCF Nitro (Only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays for now!).

Schedule Changes in Newlands, slight time change of PM Classes!

Also based on feedback from our members, we are moving the PM Classes to start on the half hour. This will be the new times from Monday:

  • 16.30 - CCF Nitro
  • 17.30 - CCF Class
  • 18.30 - CCF Class

Change of Structure for our CCF Nitro Classes:

Our 45min Nitro Classes are great for the office worker that wants to get a WOD in on his lunch break, or the parent wanting to get home a bit quicker to their kids in the afternoon as an example, and our members love these classes. However we have realised is that it's not ideal to try to squeeze 60 minutes of programming into a 45 minute class so from now on this will be the "new" structure in a Nitro Class:

  • Each days programming will have a "Main Component" which more often than not will be the MetCon (think 3-2-1-go!).
  • That Main Component is what will be coached in the 45min Nitro Classes.
  • After the Main Component is done, at around the 45min mark, the coach will coach you through the part that might have been moved (think Skill/Strength work).

We believe that this will only be to your benefit because just like life doesn't throw challenges at you in a certain order, neither should your training always follow the same pattern.

The "Skill/Strength" part that is being moved is optional, but the coach will always be there to help you with it should you chose to do it!

CCF Barbell Club - Now on FRIDAY NIGHTS in Gardens!

The CCF Barbell Club has been super popular over the last couple of months and the early Saturday mornings have been some of our members absolute favourite sessions so we obviously don't want to take them away. With the Beach WOD-season upon us however we do see it hard to fit them in on a Saturday morning in summer, not that many would show up to a 6am class on a Saturday, right..? 

So, here is how we managed to lay this puzzle - this will be the Gardens FRIDAY PM Schedule for a while (we will be testing it out to make sure it makes sense):

  • 16.30 CCF Nitro (Observe the 30min shift from Monday - Thursday)
  • 17.30 CCF Class
  • 17.30 CCF Barbell Club - 60min
  • 18.30 CCF Class
    Please note that this is the schedule for FRIDAYS ONLY. 

This means that you could potentially do the Barbell Club AND the 18.30 class, just like we are having members doing the Saturday morning Barbell before the Class. 

We hope you find these schedule changes as exciting as we do!

We are always trying our best to accommodate you as best we can, so please don't hesitate to contact us with any feedback you might have on scheduling or anything else related to your membership at Cape CrossFit.


Keep your eyes open for more special classes in the next few weeks, we are planning to re-open the CCF Kids Program, possibly start another 4 week Barbell Club, and more!