Teaming up for Fittest in Cape Town and other CrossFit events

Teaming up for Fittest in Cape Town and other CrossFit events

24 September 2013

Lately, a lot of new CrossFit competitions have come up and while signing up and competing as an Individual can be as easy as a mouse click, teaming up for a CrossFit competition can be a tough one. Here are some tips in general and specifically with the upcoming Fittest in Cape Town 2014 in mind: In general: Pick the "right" event. With choice comes the opportunity to select what events you would like to take part in: Besides fitting in your schedule, use criteria such as locate, awesomeness of past events (in case the event has taken place before) and level of competition (e.g. Is it only "Rx'd? What is the level of competition in general? How are the movement standards upheld?) Fittest in Cape Town:

    • Most obvious first: The CrossFit gym is a social place. You probably know one person or another that is doing classes with you more or less regularly. Being part of a team also means spending time training together so the most obvious choice is to get together with people that you are training with anyways. Mingle with your class mate to see how can be a potential team mate.
    • Figure out basic compatibility: It could be helpful, but you do not necessarily have to have a similar or the same fitness level, it could also be how you complement each other (e.g. one person is better at lifting, another better at gymnastics). Most importantly what makes a great team is mostly the willingness to work, train and play with one another.
    • Check your expectations: Are you in mostly for the grit-teeth competition or do you view it as a competitive social event (or anything between or beyond)? Understand that while  being a "competition", most team competitions (especially within the CrossFit community) have a very social component to it. Make sure you enjoy your time with your team mate, irrespective on where you finish on the leader board :)


  1. Use the above criteria to to find 5 like minded team mates. Make sure you are clear about your expectations so that you can focus on the fun: Enjoying training together and having a great time during qualification and on the week end of competition.
  2. Designate a team captain who handles sign up and keeps the team together: Encouraging training time together and picking date for doing the qualification workouts.
  3. Have a back up: Life sometimes demands that one team mate cannot make it to game day. Don't shut your team off the rest of the world and keep an awareness on who is interested in your team and who would be a good fit so that you have a 7th or 8th team member that can help out in case of emergency.
  4. The "sub rule": You can substitute a team mate after qualifying for the main event. In case you plan on picking up a superstar that failed to qualify individually, make sure the entire team supports that decision from the beginning (before the team even signs up), otherwise: don't. Remember that it is most important to enjoy your time, regardless of where you are on the leader board.

Follow these guidelines and you should be doing pretty great at Fittest in Cape Town or whatever event you would like to compete in. While we encourage everyone to find their own team, in case you are having trouble finding the right team mates, let your coaches or staff know and we will try to assist as much as we can. Last not least keep in mind why we all do this: Have a lot of Fun and get Fitter in  the process :)