The CCF Corporate Fitness Games 2019!

The CCF Corporate Fitness Games 2019!

05 November 2019

Corporate wellness at it's best...

This past Friday (the 1st of November) we hosted our first ever CCF Corporate Fitness Games where we invited our current corporate clients to bring their employees in to compete for glory. And of course: using this as a massive team builder - and what a throw down it turned into!

Between the 3 companies we had 8 full teams with a total of approximately 35 athletes taking part, and they all got to work together while testing their fitness in 3 cool Team Workouts.

The "Team Podium"

We set this up to a be a team builder more than anything, but it was also a competition and in the end this was the individual team's podium:

1st Place: Team Shot Nerves (RBS), 4p
2nd Place: Team Focus! (Leisure Hotels), 6p
3rd Place: Team Bone Crushers, (SL Trust), 11p 

The winning team did not only win the glory though, they will also be kitted out from top to toe in some epic CCF kits!

The Company vs Company competition

One of the parts within the competition was also a competition where the 3 companies competed against each other to be the "Fittest Company in Cape Town 2019", where the winning company also get to choose a charity of their choice to give the entire entry fee of R4.500 to!

The way we found the winners here is that since all 3 companies had at least 2 teams joining we simply ranked the top two teams from each company against each other and counted their total ranking points between the 2 teams together to get an Overall Ranking Score.
And this was the results:

1st Place: TEAM RBS Insurance (15p)

2nd Place: TEAM Leisure Hotels, (22p)

3rd Place: TEAM Sandak Lewin Trust, (29p)

The real winners though? EVERYONE!

Everyone walked away from this epic afternoon not only a bit fitter than before, but also with huge smiles on their faces. Not only did we see "in-house" team work where we had CEO's throwing down next to their employees, but we also saw something really cool when these athletes from different companies started supporting each other during the last minutes of those workouts without anything else to win than a want others to do better - funny how that CrossFit community mentality always shines through...

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