09 April 2018

The Challenge that sets you up for Life!

And when we say Life, we mean it sets you up to LIVE your best life. In today's modern society we are often faced with decision that aren't necessarily productive to our health, both physically and mentally, so what the CCF Lifestyle Challenge is meant to do is help you make more right decisions than the 'wrong' ones - by focusing on 5 key areas of your health and fitness for 6 weeks we KNOW that we can create habits around these that will last forever.

By tracking your points you'll easily stay on the right path!


The base of the Challenge is obviously to stay in shape by doing your CrossFit classes on a daily basis. You can get 3p per day and a max of 18p per week (as we always recommend at least one Rest Day per week).

You'll need to do two things to get your points for this:

  • Book your classes and/or CHECK IN at our BoxChamp stations for each class*.
  • Get the coach to SIGN OFF each day to get your points.
    *We'll then correlate the two numbers of classes at the end of this challenge.


By keeping your body healthy through mobility work you will not only improve your performance in CrossFit, but you'll also FEEL better. We recommend the CCF Pre- & Post WOD tab under our "WOD & NEWS"-tab!

There are many ways of getting your Daily 1 point here, but it must be a minimum of 10 minutes of Dedicated Mobility Work - some ideas:

  • CCF Pre & Post WOD.
  • Stretch +10min after each class.
  • Yoga.
  • Other movement practices that are designed to keep your joints healthier and moving better.


This is a new area for points in our Challenge! After speaking to many of our members and also knowing for my self how I often neglect this area when "busy" we decided to put in points for one of the most neglected areas of health.

Research classifies anything under 7 hours of sleep per night as Sleep Deprivation and even though we actually recommend you to get +8 hours we do here give you 1 point per night where you at least bare minimum needed to avoid lack of performance due to under recovery. 

A few tricks if you now are saying "no ways I can get 7 hours of sleep in, I'm too busy..." (I've tried these with success my self):

  • Ban social media at night.
  • Avoid opening your computer after dinner if you don't have anything you MUST do.
  • Take a nap to "fill up" on the missed sleep if needed to reach those 7 hours.
  • No coffee after 5pm.
  • Make sure your room is DARK, makes it easier to fall and stay in deep sleep.

Simple Eating (Eat Clean).

This area is highly connected to the CCF Lifestyle SIMPLE EATING Challenge. Choose your way of eating and start each day with 3 fresh points, deduct 1 point for each piece of food/drink that doesn't relate to your healthy eating and at the end of the day give your self honest points between 0-3 depending on how well you did that day.

There's a reason to why NUTRITION is at the bottom of the pyramid that we are using to create your best Life possible - and that's the reason to why we also value this area highly in this challenge!


This is the part of the Challenge that also requires you to actually LIVE. Get outdoors and use the beauty offerings from our planet to train in an environment that should be used more often than most of us do.

By doing a +20min Dedicated Training session outside at least once a week you can get those precious 5 bonus points per week (max one activity per week is point giving, but we obviously support more than that too).

Ideas for outdoor activities:

  • 5k Run
  • Hike Lions Head
  • Yoga outside
  • Play a sport with your kids/friends.

We love the creativity we often see in this part of the challenge, remember to tag us in a social media post with the #CCFLifestyle and you'll get your point validated.

PS. We will also be posting about our CCF Missions later this week where we give you a chance to get another set of bonus points by doing 3 specific outdoor activities some time during the 6 weeks that the challenge lasts, but more about that later.

Go out there and create your CCF Lifestyle.

I'm a firm believer in hard work paying off, and I also know how little time many of us perceive ourselves to have to take care of ourselves. But, the truth is corny yet still true: if we take time NOW to create our healthiest & fittest versions of ourselves, we will have even more time later in our lives since we simply have the capacity then to live actively. 

When it comes to living it's not at all about being "better" than anyone else, but rather about making sure that you are living a life you can be proud of when you look yourself in the mirror. In the end, by living a great lifestyle, you may very well inspire someone else to change their lifestyle too.

And lastly, if we aren't really trying our best to LIVE, then are we really living?


Coach Chris