The CCF Lifestyle SIMPLE EATING Challenge - find YOUR way of healthy eating!

The CCF Lifestyle SIMPLE EATING Challenge - find YOUR way of healthy eating!

05 April 2018

Nutrition is the FOUNDATION.

There's a reason why Coach Glassman started his Fitness Description with "Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seed, little starch and no sugar." and there's also a reason to why he chose to put NUTRITION as the very base of the Fitness Pyramid.
You've heard it before but in a society where the number of welfare diseases are only increasing due to poor nutrition and lifestyle choices "you become what you eat" is ringing more true than ever..

The Nutrition part of the next CCF Lifestyle Challenge is designed to be SIMPLE to follow and will not only help you open your eyes for how many "bad choices" you make on a weekly basis, but will also help you build Healthy Eating Habits to last forever!

How does the Simple Eating Challenge work?

  • WHAT? 6 weeks to improve your eating habits by a simple point system.
  • HOW? You start with doing your Body Measurements with a CCF Coach and then you follow our simple point system (see below).
  • WHAT DO I EAT? Look at the infographic below, but we also let you chose your own version.
  • FEE? R200 - most goes to the prize pool (last Challenge winner walked away 6kg lighter and R2700 richer..).
  • WHAT ELSE DO I GET? You get a score card to keep track of your points, AND a Weekly Habit sent to you by our Nutritional Advisor Coach Tash King, and also access to daily support in our Facebook Group!

So what do I eat?

This time around we actually let you chose your own path to eating. There are many different variations of a good nutrition plan, but what we do require is that you follow the below infographic at the very least!

And if I want a specific nutrition plan?

There are 3 things that we can help you with if you want to be even more specific than with the above:

  1. WHOLE 30: This is for us one of the most proven ways to clean up your eating and lose body fat. It eliminates anything that CAN be bad for you, and focuses solely on eating unprocessed foods from specific food groups - you can read more about it here from our previous CCF Nutrition Challenge: "WHAT IS THE WHOLE30?"
  2. VEGAN OPTIONS: We know that many of our members have made a conscious decision to not eat meat or anything from the animal side and we always support peoples ethical choices. This time around our previous Coach Mark (who is on a trial for the vegan diet) have offered guidance and you can reach out to him here to get some options in terms of eating: EMAIL Coach Mark
  3. INDIVIDUAL EATING PLANS: Our CCF Nutritional Advisor Coach Tash King also offers individual eating plans. These are based on monthly packages that are costed outside of the CCF membership fees (CCF Members do get a discount) but can be the perfect way if you need to be VERY specific in what you eat etc. You can reach Coach Tash at: [email protected]

How does the Point System work?

At the start of the Challenge you choose YOUR version of eating and we put that on your score card to fill in.

  • CrossFit Prescription: "Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and NO Sugar."
  • WHOLE30: Similar to above, but NO grains, NO dairy. Have proven to be great with weight loss and creating less addiction to stuff that CAN be bad for you.

    This time around it's not mandatory to do the Whole30 - it's still one of our favourites though.
  • Vegan Option: Same as the CrossFit Prescription, but with vegan sources of protein instead of meat and obviously no products from an animal source.

NB: None of the above options allow for ANY added sugar or alcohol as an example. Other things such as grains and dairy depends on the version you've chosen - chat to your CCF Coaches if you need direction.

Then, at the start of every day you get THREE (3) points. For every item you choose to eat/drink in a day that is not following your option you get ONE (1) point deducted, so at best you can collect 3p in one day, and if you have 3 or more things you shouldn't have you get 0p that day. 

At the end of the challenge the accumulated points will be one out of three parts of what makes up for the winners (the change in body composition and CCF Coaches votes for "before/after"-pictures will be the other two) to ensure a fair challenge - this is an honesty system but if anyone would chose to try to "cheat" their points the numbers and pictures will easily stop them from winning.

We believe this system is very clever because we know that you might have "a really important birthday party", someones wedding, or just really need a glass of wine on a Friday night after a tough week and we respect that - just be aware that said glass of wine, or even as little as one spoon of sugar in your coffee equals a point deduction! A great way to actually get an overview of how good you are at making the right decisions with your eating.

I'm in! How do I get started?

First you must do your measurements and "before" photos with a CCF Coach. There are certain times that we have set up for you that we would like to offer you to do these measurements now already, (you can get them done at any time, but the sooner the better!):

NB: ALL MEASUREMENTS MUST BE DONE BEFORE you train or the numbers will come out wrong.

Ask for a measurement in the Front Desk and we'll set you up:

THURSDAY (TODAY) 5th of April: 15.00-16.30
FRIDAY 6th: 11.00-11.45 & 15.30-16.30
SATURDAY 7th: 10.30-12.00 (Grab Coach Chris in the Open Gym).
MONDAY 8th: 11.00-11.45, 15.00-16.00 & 17.00-19.00

The above times is for CCF HQ (Gardens), please contact the Coaches in Newlands to set up your measurements there!

Once you have done your measurement you must pay your R200 (cash only) to the Front Desk and you'll get your score card to start filling in your points from Monday.

Lastly, let's be serious.

Nutrition is indeed the foundation of any athletes career and can determine if you will perform or not in the box and in life, but what's even more important is: YOUR HEALTH.

In the modern society more and more people are carrying lifestyle inflicted diseases and issues such as heart problems, diabetes (type 2), and obesity related problems are increasing at an alarming rate. If you look around you I'm convinced that you know at least one person that is probably not going to live as long and healthily as they could due to poor nutrition - it's harsh but true: we as humans are killing ourselves through our nutritional choices and the only one that can make sure that you don't is... you.

Join us in this challenge and you may not only walk away a winner if you do really well in terms of the competition, but you may actually walk away with a completely new way of living.

PS. The SIMPLE EATING Challenge is one part out of 3 that form the 6 weeks "CCF Lifestyle Challenges" that are running from next week onwards - read up on all of them HERE!

Coach Chris