The CCF Test Weeks are here - but WHY do we track our results?

The CCF Test Weeks are here - but WHY do we track our results?

31 March 2019

Observable & Measurable Results = Motivation!

Imagine going for a 5k run, and running as hard as you can with the objective of set a baseline for your fitness. You push yourself so hard that you end up on the ground for a good 5 minutes after finishing and think to yourself "that really sucked, I need to do something about my fitness...".
So, the next day you decide to up your training and you give yourself 3 months to improve your fitness so that the next time you go for that 5k run you'll feel better.
You don't only start training a bit more serious and frequently, (consistency breads results as you know), but you also join a community of likeminded human beings that also want to run faster - and on top of that all of them actually want YOU to get fitter and healthier too.

So 3 months of you training harder than you ever have before comes and goes. You've been eating so clean that your friends starts asking you for "diet tips", and you even gone so far that you've asked your coach for some extra drills to make your running technique a bit better - and after many early and gruelling sessions before sunrise (or late ones after sunset) it's finally time to test that 5k run again!

You now know your body better than ever before so you set out in a perfect pace. Your legs starts to burn after a couple of km, but they definitely feel stronger than last time. Your lungs actually feel amazing, you're taking big breaths and you are sweating a lot, but you aren't panicking like you did halfway through last time - you KNOW that you are fitter than ever before and you CAN push through the uncomfortableness as this have been your goal the last 3 months.

You finish with a 200m full on sprint to the finish line and collapse in a pile of exhaustion, it once again takes you a good 5 minutes to get off the floor but while you are laying there you start thinking: "actually my legs are hurting more than last time, and I really don't feel any better right now compared to what I did last time, am I really fitter..?".

Now the truth is that all the hard work you've put in makes it highly likely that you are indeed fitter, and as such probably also went faster!

BUT, then you come to the realisation that you will never know because: you never wrote your time down 3 months ago...

Now just replace that last line with: "and when you look in your logbook, where you write all your personal bests down, you realise that you have just shaved a full 3 and half minute of your first 5km time!"

Think about it like this: by seeing that all your hard work in the box actually leading you towards more pull ups, better technique & increased strength, which then in turn gives you heavier loads lifted and/or faster times in our benchmarks - by seeing that it's easier to come back tomorrow and work hard again, right? 

As human beings we thrive by seeing that our hard work pays off, and that's basically the entire reason to why we created the CCF Logbook in the first place!

The Cape CrossFit Logbook is designed for you, our members, to keep track of your daily workouts. And by writing your loads, performances and any added notes as often as possible you'll stay connected to your progress because you'll easily start realising that you are moving heavier loads as you are getting stronger, can do bigger gymnastic sets as your endurance increases, and eventually you are also getting closer to/start doing the workouts "as RX"!

On top of this there's a system to keep track of our most tested Benchmarks, lifts, and repeatable performance markers!

The CCF Logbook has a section to keep track of basically ALL the usually repeatable efforts you'll do in class. By using this part you'll get a great overview of how you are improving across the board and you should see a fairly constant progress across all domains as, as you know, our program is Constantly Varied!

AND, you can also see how well rounded you are by using our different CCF athlete levels!


By now you are probably, (hopefully) aware that we have two different levels of programming in our classes: The CCF Fitness, which is kind of our "regular CrossFit Program", and our CCF Performance - which is usually for the more experienced CrossFitter as movements are often more technical and loads heavier.
What you might not now however is that we have a great way of knowing when someone is ready for the CCF Performance program: by taking them through our "CCF Big Dawgs Test"!

But the journey starts before we even start thinking about this tough test, as we have 5 levels that goes from the most basic variations of our movements in the CCF Pups level, (which is where our beginners should look first), to the highest level of CrossFit competitors targets in the CCF Werewolf level.

The idea is that if you start tracking your scores in the required markers you'll soon see how you cover a full level, OR you'll get a great indication of what you might wanna work a bit harder on. As an example: if you have covered all the strength markers for your current level but struggle with the Cardio part - maybe it's time to start coming in a bit more frequently during our CCF Cardio Thursdays.

Lastly, use these coming three weeks to build motivation for the rest of the year!

We think that you should really try to use these coming 3 weeks to start tracking your scores, no matter if you are one of those that LOVE tracking your numbers and competing against those around you or maybe more the type of person who just enjoy getting a great workout in on a daily basis, we know that when the dark winter months are upon us it will be just so much easier to drag yourself to the box if you KNOW that you both are getting measurable results - and if you also have scores to beat next time around.

PS. To make this period even more exciting we have decided to reset all the CCF Wall of Fame lists from tomorrow, the 1st of April! This means that if you get a validated top score in your box in any of the workouts up on that list during these weeks, you'll automatically get your name up there for a little bit of extra acknowledgment!

Go book your classes NOW and we'll see you tomorrow when we kick it all off with our favourite lifting complex the "CCF Big Dawg Complex" and a brutal Cape CrossFit variation of the "Beep Test".