The CFF Whole30 Summer 2017 Challenge.

The CFF Whole30 Summer 2017 Challenge.

24 January 2017

“It’s 3 weeks into January and I am struggling to get back on track.” 

“The holidays messed with my routine.”
“I feel like I wasted all my hard work.”
“I can’t stop eating cake.”

We hear you! Although we are super glad you guys had an amazing festive season with your loved ones, we are just as keen to get you eating healthy again and performing to your maximum capacity inside the box.

On Monday 30th January we are kicking off the CCF Summer 2017 Nutrition Challenge. This 6 week challenge is centered exclusively around the Whole30 protocol and only the Whole30 protocol. We are taking it back to the old school days where every new member jumped onboard with the challenge as soon as they left their CCF Basics course - no fancy LCHF, IIFYM, Atkins, Primal + Paleo with a sprinkle of No Meat Monday or whatever. Plan, simple and results giving WHOLE30.


Because its works.
Because admist all the crazy diet plans, juice cleanses and other gimmicks we have forgotten that keeping it simple is the best.
Because its time to take our health and nutrition a little bit more seriously.


For 6 weeks you will follow the WHOLE30 rules, see and feel changes and get the results you want. To enter follow the steps below:

  • Pay your R200 entrance fee in CASH (most of it goes back to the prize pool!).
  • Meet Coach Tash at the times listed below to get your measurements and pictures taken

Simple right?

Once we have gotten your measurements and starting states we will send you this info as well as a CCF WHOLE30 Success Guide which includes shopping lists, procedure guides, recipes etc - any tools that you can use to smash this challenge. As with all our challenges, you will also receive a weekly motivational email and a weekly habit that we want you to implement as a additional lifestyle enhancing tool - the full weekly email will be exclusive to Challenge Participants!

This challenge and adhering to it will all count towards the CCF WholeLife Challenge as well in the form of earning points per week that you stick to the Whole30 - you can actually earn not only 1p per day by eating the right stuff, but also A LOT of bonus points for being consistent with the Whole30 over 7/14/21 days.

Here are the dates for measurements at the various CCF boxes.

Please pop Coach Tash ([email protected]) an email with your preferred times, each measurement will take +-10 minutes and MUST be done BEFORE training*:

Wednesday 25th January
GARDENS: 15.30 - 15:50, 17.00-19.00

Thursday 26th January
FORESHORE: 15.30-17.30

Friday 27th January
GARDENS: 16.00 (before 16.30)

Monday 30th January
GARDENS: 15.30-16.00, 17.00-19.00

Tuesday 31st January
FORESHORE: 11.00-12.00 & 15.30-17.30

Thursday 2nd of Feb
NEWLANDS: 08.30-17.30

*if you have not booked a slot they may be a chance that you may not get measured due to popularity. ;)

It's time to take your nutrition seriously and why not have take advantage of having the support of the rest of the CCF Community behind you? Grab you mates and lets do this. 

In the past we have seen some SERIOUS transformations with the Whole30 and we know that these challenges brings the best out of our members so why not join now already. We have had a bunch of people already wanting to sign up and if you drop Coach Tash an email now you too can join the group that we know will change their way of eating for the better - maybe just in time for the Open, but more importantly, for the rest of their lives.