The Fittest in Cape Town - everything we could have wished for and more!

The Fittest in Cape Town - everything we could have wished for and more!

14 April 2015

I had a dream..

When the Fittest in Cape Town set up for 2015 was announced I quickly made a plan: I wanted The Honey Badgers to get a chance to defend their title and at the same time I wanted Cape CrossFit to have a "second team" that was competitive enough to fight for a spot on the podium AND I also wanted Cape CrossFit to have a major presence in the sense of having a load of athletes competing for the fun of it. The end result? Well, never before has any box had TWO teams on the podium plus we had a total of 6 teams (one from CCF Newlands) who all exceeded their expectations before the competition started - once again, just like after the Open, "proud" just doesn't cut it.. [caption id="attachment_7366" align="aligncenter" width="600"]11074908_10153285591747059_3536078409273484942_o Podium: 1st USN Eikestad. 2nd CCF Honey Badgers, 3rd CCF Wolflings[/caption]

In total we had 37 athletes competing!

And they all did amazing, here are their placings:

  • Individual 9th - Coach Lara: She had a rough start on Day 1 of the competition but came back strong and trust me when I say you will see more of her in future competitions!
  • Team 2nd - The Honey Badgers: Last years winners were outside of the podium until day two when they, just like last year, showed that they only get stronger as the competition goes on. In the Final events they finished 2nd, 1st and 3rd to climb all the way up to silver position. This team is filled with athletes that started their journey at CCF and we could not more proud of all of them! (For the sake of our family peace - I am also glad Tash ended up ahead of us ;))
  • Team 3rd - The CCF Wolflings: "My" team, and without getting long winded I am truly honoured to have competed alongside these athletes. We had a rough start, but as soon as we climbed to top 3 we were never outside of the podium from there on -  and to end up on it in such a strong field of teams is just unbelievable.
  • Team 12th - The Komodo Dragons: Lead by team captain Graham, who is as much a part of CCF as one would ever be, showed that true grit goes a long way. They went all the way from 16th to this 12th place on day two! Side note: In true fashion GB once again "won" the after party when he got thrown out from La Vie a while after closing time..
  • Team 33rd - The Junk Yard Dawgs: Lead by the mad scientist Jimmy, who brought pie charts and strategies that were broken down to the second for each revealed WOD to our strategy meeting on the Friday, and then guided his team through a very stable weekend. I was amazed to see the electric energy they brought in to win their heat on day two in Usain Bolt style: miles ahead of the competition.
  • Team 35th - The Newlands Knights: The young kids from this box fought through everything like a unit and one of the funniest moments of the weekends was when Matt walked up to me in the warm up area and said: "My PB before today was 140, but I just lifted 155 in the warm up. What should I start on?" What. Da. Duck..? (He ended up getting a nice little PB at 175, only 35kg above his previous max haha!).
  • Team 40th - CCF Catfish (Still no clue where this name came from): With arguably the most charismatic leader of them all, Gary, as their Team Captain this team was amazing to watch. Gil chose to walk on his head rather then his hands in event 2 and if you want to talk about PB's these guys ALL hit a Deadlift one in event 1! Funny story is that I Facebook messaged Gary on Saturday night and left him a simple instruction: "Do not dare to come last" (nice thing to say to a first time competitor huh?) From there on they SMASHED their heat on Sunday morning and went from 44th to 40th in one go - not bad for a team of "non competitive athletes" as they called themselves.

A massive congratulations to the winners:

  • Celeste Engelbrecht who once again showed that she is arguably the fittest woman in South Africa. It's going to be epic to see her fight out against the top Europeans!
  • Ruan Duvenage, "new kid on the block" this year but with a will to die hard that is hard to match (and legs like an ox) I think we may have seen a new South African star being born this weekend...
  • USN CrossFit Eikestad, absolutely no doubt that these guys had the strongest team this weekend. They took the lead from minute one and were never really threatened - I'm very impressed and looking forward to battle with you again in Denmark at the Super Regionals in May!

Almost forgot, here's kind of the coolest thing:

Our guys that competed, most of them are "Average Joe's". They come in day after day to our boxes and they work their asses off. They are not competitive athletes, they don't aspire to go to the CrossFit Games (at least not most of them haha), and they are no different from anyone else out there living a normal life. I'm pretty sure some less informed individuals out there think that I, as the head coach at CCF,  has inside information of the workouts for the Fittest in Cape Town and that would be a reason that we do so well year after year, but to you: I dare you to come in and check out how hard our members are working every day. I have from the very first year of this competition distanced myself from the organisation side of it as I have always been a competitor. My/our focus is on making our athletes CROSSFIT - funny enough that seem to go a long way.. :) [caption id="attachment_7372" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]11078103_10153285599627059_18143988257129522_o Some truly epic athletes and friends in this picture, not only from CCF but from the entire community we cherish so much![/caption]  

PS. What happened to that dream?

It came through in the very first few moments of the competition. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I PB'd my Deadlift here (not so hidden brag), but it have everything to do with this: [caption id="attachment_7369" align="aligncenter" width="599"]Fittest in Cape Town 2015 Thank you Ruby Wolff (@rubywolff) for one of the sickest pictures ever.[/caption]   The guys in blue shirts behind me are Mark, Arthur and JP. They belonged to The Honey Badgers which were on paper one of my team's biggest "enemies" in this competition. My dream was to bring all our athletes together this weekend to fight FOR each other as part of the one big team that we really are, not against each other. Their support in the background shows me that my dream came true: I am lucky enough to be part of the best community in the world, filled with people that want nothing but the absolutely best for each other. If Fittest in Cape Town 2015 was a movie, I couldn't have written the script better myself. Coach Chris