The Gift of Fitness - Give away Training at CCF as this year's perfect Xmas present!

The Gift of Fitness - Give away Training at CCF as this year's perfect Xmas present!

11 December 2018

Could you possibly give away anything better than the start of a new lifestyle?

We don't think so, which is why we decided to help you out in the hunt for the "perfect gift".
Knowing that if you are a member at Cape CrossFit, your life have probably been changed in some way or fashion, we'd thought that you would want to put on the Santa hat and give that life change to someone you love!

What is it?

The way this will work is quite simple: everyone with a current CCF membership will be able to buy a once off offer of 1 month of training for a friend R1,199. 
Remember that we usually don't do these kind of 1 months memberships except for traveling CrossFitters, (and then we charge +R2,000 for a month), so this is a great but limited offer that is only available up until the 24th of December 2018!

Terms & Conditions.

  • This offer is only available for CCF members to GIVE AWAY to a non member.
  • Only NEW members can be given the month of training.
  • The new member must go through a 2 weeks Basics Course at the start of their free month.
  • The gift voucher must be activated within 3 months from purchase.
  • There are NO commitments needed from the new member after the free month is over.
  • IF the new member do sign up for a membership after the free month they are subject to the current regular CCF membership fee structures and terms.

Instead of stressing about finding gifts in busy malls and shops, why not give your friends the gift of health and fitness? We look forward to welcoming your friends and family to our family in the new year so give us a shout at [email protected] if you have any questions about the above offer!