The Open at CCF - Why & How you should do it!

The Open at CCF - Why & How you should do it!

29 September 2019

The Open is here (again!) and the time to test your self against yourself plus the world & your friends with it!

Now let's cut straight to it: we think ALL of you should do the Open.
There are many reasons for it, but we'll only list a few here:

  1. You can compare yourself with YOU. 
    This is by far the coolest part of the Open, to see how you rank year after year. If you are someone who is putting in the hard work to be a better CrossFitter it's very rewarding to see it paying off by climbing the leaderboard!
    Relative to this we will also create in-house CCF Leaderboards for each facility AND the entire CCF community so you can also compare yourself to your workout buddies!
  2. You WILL outperform yourself.
    It's almost impossible to not get the best out of yourself when you are in the competitive setting and mindset that the Open brings. We see too many PB's (Personal Bests) and First time pull ups, muscle ups, strict hand stand push ups etc etc each year to count!
  3. The atmosphere is honestly one of the most POSITIVE ones we know!
    In the February-March Open we had the biggest participation we've ever had with some 150 CCF members taking part - and you can just guess how cool those Saturday Throwdowns were..
    Not only do you get to "compete" in an epic environment over 5 weeks, but you also get the SUPPORT from all those other members that knows what you're going through. 
    We are always one big TEAM at CCF and it definitely shows in the Open..
  4. You will get new motivation to smash some NEW goals.
    It's almost impossible to walk out of these 5 weeks without a new love for CrossFit, and a new motivation to get better. After the Open we love to analyse with our members where they can improve and what they should focus on - your Assigned Coach is there to set new goals after these 5 weeks if you want to!
  5. Related to that you will also even easier spot your strengths and weaknesses, and can action upon them.
    As an example, if strength is your thing but you "suck air" too much during the longer WOD's then maybe focusing some extra on the Cardio Thursdays (or even CCF Cardio45) after the Open will make you more well rounded. Other way around, if you are FIT but strength is holding you back then make sure Weight Lifting Wednesdays (or even the CCF Barbell Club) is your focus for the next 3-6 months and you'll see massive improvement.
  6. FREE Coffee each week if you sign up!
    Let us say that again: you get a FREE coffee every Saturday of the Open if you are signed up! 
    We'll simply keep a list of those who are registered for the Open in our coffee shops and you can claim it.
    This is ONLY applicable for the Saturday Throwdowns and during the times allocated below.

The "CCF Open Tour" is back!

The way we ran the Open in February - March 2019 was so successful that we want to repeat it. This means that we'll Tour around the 3 different Cape CrossFit boxes with one hosting the entire CCF community each week! We'll run it as before with "first come, first served" heats to sign up for on the whiteboards in the hosting gym - and by experience we know that we're looking at anything between 3-4 hours of fun each Saturday Morning. To make sure we can accommodate the growing community we've decided to start a bit earlier, so if you need to get the WOD done and then go on about your weekend you can!

Each week's Open Throwdown will run between 7.30am to about 11.30-12.00 as follow:

  • WEEK 1, Saturday 12th of October: CCF GARDENS
  • WEEK 2, Saturday 19th of October: CCF NEWLANDS
  • WEEK 3, Saturday 26th of October: CCF CENTURY CITY
  • WEEK 4, Saturday 2nd of October: Separate throwdown in EACH CCF Box!
  • WEEK 5, Saturday 9th of October: CCF GARDENS

OK, I'm in - how do I sign up??

The sign up fee is $20 and it all happens through this website: GAMES.CROSSFIT.COM 
If you have done the Open before you simply log in to your old account and register, if not just create a new account. 
In your account you can also follow your journey on the leaderboard, and read up on what is happen in the Open across the world each week. There's even an APP that gives you a great overview of all of this.


There are some common questions we often get around the Open so we'd thought we'd help you by answering some of them here - if you have ANY other questions please don't hesitate to ask your coach!

"But Coach it's $20, can't I do it without entering and save the money?"
Sure, you actually can. BUT, you'd be missing out on most of the above because in reality the fact that you are ON the leaderboard is what makes you motivated to push to your very max each week.  

"It still feels like I'm just making CrossFit rich by paying these fees..?"
First thing first, Cape CrossFit does not earn a cent for you signing up - we want you to because we know the positive benefits from doing the Open!
Secondly, the money actually goes to support the bigger competition season which ends with the CrossFit Games in August next year. The truth is that CrossFit HQ has been losing money by hosting the Games each year previously, which is why they did the structural changes last year with Sanctionals and no more Regionals. Most people don't realise how much it cost to structurally run such a big competition season like the CrossFit Games really is but by entering you actually support the sport in it's whole, which is a pretty rad thing to be part of.

"I'm new to CrossFit and/or I can't do the heavy weights and technical movements that often shows up in the Open, I shouldn't enter right..?"
WRONG. The Open really is for everyone and one of the coolest things about it is that You can choose the right version for YOU - scaled or Rx - EACH WEEK!
As an example maybe you could have done the first WOD last season RX (15min of Wall Balls and Rowing), while the 4th one was out of many athletes range with it's Bar Muscle Ups. 
BUT, then again we also so a bunch of athletes getting their very first reps in that WOD, and even more so getting their first Strict Hand Stand Push Up in 19.3. 
Your coaches will be there each week to support you and help you choose the right version for you, and of course help you practice the movements that might be tough for your during the warm ups.

"I can't join the Saturdays can I do the WOD any other day??"
YES. Just like last time we allow for you to do the WOD on either the Friday or the Monday outside of the classes if you can't attend the Saturday Throwdown. 
BUT, you are responsible for bringing a judge that has done the Online Judges Course* as we will ONLY validate scores where you have been judged by a valid judge. We recommend that you get together with someone else that can't do the Saturday and you both do the judges course so you can judge each other!
The Online Judges Course costs $10 and is actually really valuable when it comes to understanding CrossFit movement standards! You can sign up here:
(NB: If you have done the course earlier in 2019 it's still valid, if not it is not valid).


Of course we want our athletes to be able to do as well as possible during the Open, but at the same time we also want to stress that it's also just 5 weeks with an added unknown WOD to compare yourself with, while the real fitness training happens in our regular classes on a daily basis.
The only "difference" you may note in our class programming is that we wont be doing Hero WOD's on Fridays during the Open as we don't want you to be smashed on the Saturday - but we will still be training! 
We'll be programming a cool Skill Piece to help you improve on the more technical movements and then a WOD that will be as tough as our usual classes, but designed to have a low impact on your body in terms of CNS and muscle fatigue. 

This also means that if you for any reason is not doing the Open you can still enjoy your full weeks of training with us at CCF.

"Should I redo the workouts on the Monday to try to improve my score?".

The answer is simple: "Are you capable of winning the Open in your country and get to the CrossFit Games? If not, NO."

But to give you a better breakdown of WHY we strongly advise against redo's if you are not in the top 1% of the world, here's some more info:

  • Repeating a WOD within a couple of days does not make you better, it makes you WORSE.
    Reason being: in CrossFit we get better by constantly varying our training, doing the same thing over and over again actually slows down your progress..
  • You would be missing out on invaluable opportunities to progress.
    For us mortals that are not aiming at qualifying for the Games the Monday WOD will be a new and different opportunity to go HARD in something you'll definitely need to work on. By redoing what you have already done, you'd simply miss out on the chance to improve your overall capacity.
  • You'd expose yourself to a much bigger risk for injuries..
    For us that aren't competition athletes and used to training multiple times per day our joints and muscles are exponentially risking to get hurt if we do the exact same thing we did only a couple of days ago.
  • Your chance of improvement is fairly little, and even if you do it wont change your life.
    What we've seen in the past is that most "improvements" in a redo are fairly small, if at all. And even if you do get those few extra reps, does it really change anything in your life..?
  • The "One and Done"-mentality will help you prepare for the Fittest in Cape Town qualifiers!
    The FiCT Qualifiers structure have been released to be exactly like last year: 3 WOD's to be done within 10 days (22nd of November - 2nd of December) and as such it leaves very little room for redo's. IF you are aiming to be part of a team for FiCT you should start preparing to hit any qualifying WOD as hard as you can, and then move on to the next one.
    There is also the fact that the FiCT qualifiers will happen relatively shortly after the Open = the more fatigue you build during the Open with redo's, the worse you'll likely perform in the FiCT-Q's.
  • Be honest, you only want to redo because of Ego..
    Most of us have a feeling that we "could do better!" and that's why we think a redo is a good thing. But in all fairness your training shouldn't be directed towards second chances. Instead learn to give it your very best when you attack the Open WOD the first time, and then learn to be happy for your effort no matter the outcome.

So our recommendation is quite clear: except for the few CCF Competition athletes that will try to qualify for various competition through the Open the rest of us should avoid redo's and rather enjoy the Open as a FUN 5 weeks where you get to compete once a week and continue your regular training for the reminder of the week. 
Use the Open to find out how fit you really are, what you need to work on, and then go back to class and do exactly that: continue working hard to improve your fitness and health!

Don't hesitate to ask us ANY questions you might have surrounding the Open or CrossFit competitions in general - see you in the Open.