The winners from our last CCF Challenges! (Better late than never) :)

The winners from our last CCF Challenges! (Better late than never) :)

03 April 2018

Better late than never.. :)

The last CCF Challenges took place September - November 2017 (Click HERE for info), but due to overload in our admin departments with our restructure of Cape CrossFit HQ etc etc it took us a while to get to the task of finding the winners.

We apologise for the delays, but are stoked to present the following winners of the biggest prize pool of our CCF Challenges yet! Prizes worth R15.000 with Cash prizes of over R10.000 and added prizes from CCF and our sponsors worth a chunk surely make it become a nice surprise to walk away with these epic prizes after this wait?

NB: We put the "home box" of each winner here as the box they belonged to when entering the challenge.


This Challenge have the participants taking a full on approach of a Lifestyle of Health & Fitness! We hand out score cards where the members fill in their points for: training, doing daily mobility work, eating healthily, and do physical activities outdoors - this time around we added bonus points for taking on the CCF Missions which had us explore some epic outdoor spots in and around Cape Town such as Lions Head, The Pipe Track etc etc. 

At the end those who accumulated the most points were:

  1. Gareth Bern (CCF Newlands) - Gareth wins a FREE Month of training at CCF!
  2. Raadiyah Abrahams (CCF Newlands) - Raadiyah wins a cool CCF Lifestyle Package with CCF Branded skipping rope, Advanced Fitness hand gloves, and a CCF T-shirt/vest!
  3. Ashleigh Wheeler (CCF Gardens) - Ashleigh wins a big package from Nutritech (value R1.000)!

NB: We used BoxChamp to track the participants attendance, by booking and checking into their classes the winners ensured they got the most possible points for the challenge!


We tested 2 markers in a 10min AMRAP of "Cindy" and then 5min to Establish a max Clean & Jerk. The athletes were divided in "RX" or "Modified" depending on if they did Cindy as prescribed, and then we were looking for both best Performance (counted as combined score for start and finish) and best Improvement (counted as % improvement from start to finish) over the 10 weeks.

These are the RX Winners:

  • BEST RX PERFORMANCE Female: Zita C (Gardens) (Total of 16R+3 reps and 136kg).
  • BEST RX PERFORMANCE Male: Rafeeq P (Gardens) (Total of 22R+7 and 173kg). 
  • BEST RX IMPROVEMENT Female: Zita C (Gardens) (Improved 15.2%)
  • BEST RX IMPROVEMENT Male: Arnold S (Foreshore) (Improved 36.9%)

Arnold (to the right), not only a winner in this challenge but also the Fittest 50-54 year old in South Africa during the Open 2018 - how cool?

These are the MODIFIED Winners:

  • BEST MODIFIED PERFORMANCE Female: Megan C (Gardens) (Total of 18R+23 reps and 86kg)
  • BEST MODIFIED PERFORMANCE Male: Morris R (Gardens) (Total of 12R+9 reps and 111kg)
  • BEST MODIFIED IMPROVEMENT Female: Peggy B (Gardens) (Improved 60.8%)
  • BEST MODIFIED IMPROVEMENT Male: Morris R (Gardens) (Improved 99.5%)

All these winners walks away with R680 each which means that Zita & Morris who won two categories each wins a whopping R1360 each - well done!


We started this challenge by measuring the participants body fat and took their "before pictures". We then gave them Weekly Habits to guide them towards a healthy eating lifestyle, and then at the end of the challenge we remeasured and took "after pictures" to see the best improvement in body composition change (our CCF Coaches voted).

At the end of the challenge the three winners with the best improvements looks like this:

  1. Cynthia Muz (Foreshore), R2730
    Cynthia lost 5.6kg, 4cm around her waist, and a whopping 13.5% body fat!
  2. Ali G (Newlands), R1640
    - 7kg, -4cm around waist, -6.5% body fat.
  3. Avron G (Foreshore), R1090
    - 2.5kg, -6.5cm around waist, -12% body fat.

NB: The participants got ranked according to %-change in body composition and the coaches votes for biggest transformation.

Cool Fact: 2 months after the challenge Cynthia entered her very first Open, she did all the WOD's in the scaled division and made her coaches very proud! 

These challenges are here to help you find your way, and the next chance is only a week away!

We do these challenges because we believe they help you, our CCF members, to find even more motivation in your daily training with us. We do them because we love showing you just how much you can actually improve with a little bit of focus over a fairly short time frame, and we do them because we find it super helpful in our work as coaches when it comes to finding and reaching your individual goals!

Walking away with a nice prize, cash or other, is always cool but what's even more cool is walking away with a better performing body, a healthier appearance, and of course a CCF Lifestyle that others can only dream about..

Join the Next CCF Challenges - starting Monday 9th of April!

The next batch of challenges are actually starting next week join the CCF Lifestyle Challenge 2018 and you could be one of the hard working ones walking away with similarly epic prizes as our winners above.

NB: Over the next few days we will post more info about the new challenges, sign up asap at your CCF Box and work hard for as little as 6 weeks to reach your goals of a CCF Lifestyle that will last forever!