Time to get serious about your Fitness Goals!

Time to get serious about your Fitness Goals!

30 October 2016

Time to set your end of the year Goals with CCF!

We truly believe that CrossFit is for everyone, but we also know that individualisation will create even better results for you! Did you know that all our members have an Assigned Coach that they can meet up with as often as once a month to talk about setting and how to reach goals?

We are now recommending ALL our members to get together with their coach ASAP to jump on the end of the year goal getting!

We borrowed this image online, but highly agree with it's message.

Last year we started with what we called the "CCF Big Five Goals" where we asked our members to identify 5 goals that are important to them and to make it even more fun we set a time frame and a "Burpee Penalty" attached to each goal: if you miss a goal you will simply owe us 100 Burpees so chose your goals wisely.

How to set good Goals:

We believe that a good goal needs to have a few characteristics: 

  • It should be Measurable.
    Not always in kg or time, but definitely in a way where you can say a definite "yes" or "no" to if you reached said goal.
  • It should be given a Time Frame.
    Often a time frame beyond 3 months becomes a bit too vague to keep you motivated.
  • It must Motivate you.
    Your Goal should be something that you really want to achieve and would be proud of achieving!
  • It should be Tough.
    We are big believers that if the target is too low, the effort will be too low. Aim high!
  • It should be Realistic.
    At the same time, there's nothing wrong with dreaming big, but if a goal is unobtainable you can easily feel like you are "failing".
  • It must be Written Down.
    See below.

Ideas for good Goals:

Your goals can be anything you want to, but we recommend that you follow the above recommendations and also that your goals are somewhat related to your Health & Fitness. Below are a few examples.

Non Performance Based Goals:

  • Train at least x times per week.
  • Eat 100% healthy 6 days per week.
  • Do +10min of Mobility each day.
  • Gain muscle mass or lose fat weight.
    Do a body fat measurement with your coach and we can set realistic goals!

Performance Based Goals:

  • Back Squat 100kg.
  • Run 5km sub 25minutes. 
    Or why not just "Without stopping"?
  • Do "Fran" RX sub the 10 minute Time Cap.
  • Pass the "CCF Big Dawgs"-test.
    A great goal for experienced members, if this excites you make sure to identify what is missing with your coach!

Book a Goal Getting Session NOW!

Your coach will help you identify weak areas, and assist you in specifying 5 Goals that are important to YOU. The Goal Getting sessions are 20min long and all memberships gives you up to one of those per month, where you can also work with the Coach on anything CrossFit related, it's up to you to use them but we highly encourage you to do do so at least 3-4 times per year.

We will use one whiteboard in each box just for your written Goals!

After you have met up with a Coach, write down your goals on the designated "Big Five Goal Whiteboard" that you will find in each of the 3 CCF Boxes and as you hit them one at the time: tick them off and ring the PB Bell!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your coach the next time you are in the box and book a session, or drop the coach an email to set up a time. Once you have set your goals we highly recommend you to write them up and put them somewhere where you see them on a daily basis, on the fridge is a popular place.
Your goals are important to us so let's see how we can help you reach them and at the same time motivate you to become an even more functional human being.

PS. If you aren't a member yet, give us a shout at [email protected] and we will book you in for a FREE Intro Session ASAP - and once you become a member we will quickly identify good goals for you!