Try CrossFit 2 weeks for FREE - Join our first CCF Base Camp for 2022, starting 10th of January!

Try CrossFit 2 weeks for FREE - Join our first CCF Base Camp for 2022, starting 10th of January!

02 January 2022

"But I need to get fit before I start CrossFit.." (WRONG!)

We get it: CrossFit can seem very intimidating, and we hear this all the time, but that's exactly WHY we think you should try us out!
We are incredibly well experienced when it comes to helping ANYONE get fit by using the CrossFit methodology, because we adjust to YOUR experience levels. And that's where the Cape CrossFit Base Camp comes in!

In the CCF Base Camp we simply break CrossFit down into its SIMPLEST parts and meet you where you are when you join us, regardless of previous training background (or lack thereof).

We run the CCF Base Camp in 2 variations for anyone wanting to check out CrossFit:

  1. CCF GROUP BASE CAMP, R999* (or free of charge if signing up for any of our CCF Membership Plans):
    Available once every month for 2 weeks at 6 set times (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).
  2. CCF PRIVATE BASE CAMP, R1599: 4x 60min Personal Coaching sessions with one of our experts coaches to get you started at times that are suitable for you. 

*So, here's the fitness deal of 2022:


As a once off, we are now offering the first 16 to sign up for the Group Base Camp in any of our boxes to join the first 2 week Group Base Camp completely for FREE, and without any further commitment needed whatsoever!


  • You must first book and attend one of our FREE "No Sweat" Consultations with one of our trainers as that is a pre-requisite to join our Base Camps.
  • We do require that you complete all 6 Base Camp Sessions before you join any of our regular classes.
    Any missed sessions needs to be made up in a Personal Coaching Session (at an extra cost) before joining our CrossFit Classes.
  • Once completed you can sign up for any of our standard Cape CrossFit Memberships (read more HERE).
  • Cape CrossFit offers the CCF BASE CAMP GROUP Sessions at specific times, only those are available for this FREE offer (if you are unable to attend those class times we offer the Private Base Camps at a cost of R1599 for 4 sessions). 

Before you join we take you through a FREE "No Sweat" Consultation explaining what we do!

How to sign up:

  1. EMAIL us by clicking HERE - put "FREE BASE CAMP" as the Subject then and let us know:
    - What CCF box you are interested in.
    - What days and times would be suitable to do a FREE "No Sweat" Consultation (ideally this coming week).
    - Your contact details.
  2. Do your Consultation with one of our expert Coaches so we can explain more what to expect in your training with us.
  3. Complete the 6 sessions of the CCF BASE CAMP between the 10 - 21st of JANUARY 2022.
  4. "Graduate" and only then decide if you want to continue your fitness journey with us!

Two happy Base Camp "Graduates".

2 Weeks of Free Training, what do you have to lose? SIGN UP BY CLICKING BANNER BELOW: