Try our CCF FIT Classes - FOR FREE!

Try our CCF FIT Classes - FOR FREE!

08 September 2015

"I'd love to get in shape for summer, but CrossFit looks hectic!"

"Those movements are so advanced", "I don't want to lift heavy weights" or our favourite: "I need to get fit before I start CrossFit".. We have heard it all. And as much as we are 100% convinced that anyone can do CrossFit at Cape CrossFit, we have now also designed a program for ANYONE looking for a slightly different version of what we do to make sure that the intimidating nature of CrossFit doesn't prevent you from getting in the shape of your life. 10565145_10153167974326731_2540131104768821991_n

What is CCF FIT?

The concept of the CCF Fit classes is to focus on the foundation of the fitness pyramid: Metabolic Conditioning. These classes will exclude movements that are super technical and focus of the basic foundations of human movement. Here's what you WILL find in the CCF Fit Classes:

  • Basic body weight movements, such as: air squats, push ups, sit ups & ring rows.
  • Light loaded movements, such as: light dumbbells, kettle bell swings & medicine ball exercises.
  • Conditioning, such as: skipping, rowing & stationary bikes.

You will NOT find these movements in the CCF Fit Classes:

  • Olympic Weight Lifting
  • Heavy Weight Lifting with Barbells
  • Advanced Gymnastics such as pull ups, toes to bar, muscle ups or hand stand push ups.

Each class will focus on a "WOD" (Workout Of the Day) that absolutely everybody can do and the majority of the class will be spent getting your heart rate up while improving the chosen movements. The classes are coached by our highly experienced CCF Coaches and as usual we will help anyone to adjust and modify the workouts to fit their needs and capacities.


The CCF Fit Classes will take place in our Gardens box on the following times - starting WEDNESDAY the 16th of September:

  • Mondays 07.00-07.30am
  • Wednesdays 07.00-07.30am
  • Fridays 07.00-07.30am


CCF Fit Membership: R600/monthgives you access to 3x30min classes per week.  * The first two weeks (16th - 28th of September) will be FREE of charge and without any commitment required at all!

Sign Up:

Drop us an email to [email protected] or give us a call at 021-461 02 43 and let us know when you want to come in for your first session and we will make sure the coach is notified and that you have all the details needed for your first CCF Fit Class! IMG_3616 Your Team at Cape CrossFit