Want to become a well rounded athlete? Try the CCF Add-On Tracks!

Want to become a well rounded athlete? Try the CCF Add-On Tracks!

06 September 2020

We have developed a comprehensive program aimed at covering all aspects of CrossFit for competitors, AND designed to be an opportunity to work on weaknesses for "everyday athletes" too!

The idea behind the CCF Add-On track is simple and exactly what it sounds like: find the areas you want to work on and spend a little bit of extra time on them by doing those sessions outside of your regular CCF CrossFit Classes.
The Add-On workouts are originally part of our successful CCF Competition program and most days you'll see that the Add-On Tracks are identical with what our Competition athletes do - but you'll also find notes and movement variations that can allow you to do these workouts even though there might be advanced movements in the program.

What we have done however is break it all down into 3 areas of CrossFit training that most athletes often identify as something they want to do more of (read more details further down):

  • CCF TANK ENGINE (Aerobic Capacity program based mainly on Cardio Machines & Running).
  • CCF NINJA WARRIOR (Gymnastic Development program for both foundational and more advanced skills).
  • CCF POWER HOUSE (Strength Building program with a focus on Olympic Lifting and raw strength).

These program are often mixed together so that we for instance do a combination of Cardio and Gymnastics, or Strength & Gymnastics as our Add-Ons for the day. 
If you have a specific focus that you want to do more of you can choose to follow only ONE of these tracks, but there's also nothing wrong with you choosing different ones on a daily basis.
Our competitors do fit in ALL of these sessions into their day, but that is ONLY recommended if the goal is to get to the highest level of our sport - for most "normal athletes" it's perfectly enough to either stick to the Daily WOD and maybe just add 2-3 of these sessions per week if they enjoy it!


Our Members can find these programs in our CCF VIP Members Lounge where they find all resources needed for their daily training in the Box, or from home!

This is the main screen that meets our members when they log into their Members Lounge, workout variations and a video explaining purpose and movement variations to choose from.


CCF Members can now try out these Add-On Tracks in Bookable Spots in all 3 of our facilities for FREE In September - after that our CCF Unlimited Plus membership plan will give access to these bookable spots!

Our CCF members can now book their own spots to do the CCF Add-On Tracks, all you need to do is book your OWN WOD Square in BoxChamp!

The CCF Boxes are set up so that you have your own safe space, properly socially distanced and marked out.

Please note that the boxes have various schedules to book these spots depending on space. Classes take priority over space and equipment but there should be enough options for you to choose from to make sure you can test this out this month!




- an Aerobic Capacity program based on Cardio Machines & Running -

This is an example where we used the Concept 2 Ski Erg for a total of 3000m of intervals at an even pace.

This program mixes longer constant pieces with intervals at various intensities, and sometimes even All Out efforts. The goal is to increase work capacity by increasing the athletes Aerobic Capacity, which also has a great carry over to your actual recovery between tough workouts!
This is a great program to look at if you struggle in longer workouts, or if you simply enjoy being able to go for long runs/bike rides etc etc.

With our new CCF Preferred Partnership with REBEL ELITE FITNESS we are now better equipped to handle a better Cardio Program than ever before!



- a Gymnastic Development program for both foundational and more advanced skills -


Here's an example of a Ninja Warrior workout focusing on increasing Ring Muscle Up capacity, as you see we also give options to suit those that are still working towards this "high level skill".

This program mixes advanced skills with standard gymnastic strength movements like strict pull ups etc. It has a high focus on MIDLINE work and the transfer from this program to other domains of CrossFit has been evident when we've been looking at what our athletes can do after improving their gymnastic positions.
This is a great program to look at if you feel that your gymnastics needs work or just want to be better at moving you own body weight!



- a Strength Building program with a focus on Olympic Lifting and raw strength -

This is an example from a day with big volume of Olympic Lifting.

This program has a big focus on strengthening not only the full body for the demands of heavy lifts, but also to improve positional strength and stability - two areas that are super important to become good at Weightlifting for CrossFit!
This is a great program for anyone that wants to get STRONG, or simply enjoys the barbell.



Who should do the Add-Ons, and how much of them?

SO, and this is important: for 90% of the population our Daily Workout 3-5 times per week is more than enough to create great results! The Add-Ons are only there to allow all of those asking us for more training to do so in a safe and efficient manner, rather than just doing their own thing without structure (which could also lead to injuries as an example).

We are very proud of our world class level of programming and the results speak for themselves, and with the programs being adjustable to any level basically ANYONE could do these at a level and frequency that suits them!

If you are unsure we recommend you to chat to your Assigned Coach as they will gladly guide you towards which of these workouts you could consider doing. 

We look forward to seeing you attack your weaknesses, aim at becoming a high level competitive athlete - or simply do a little bit more of the things you enjoy doing!

Not a CCF Member and keen to check our programming out?

We will start making this program possible to purchase remotely from 1st of October 2020 - AND we are going to offer a 2 week Free Trial from 14th of September. Keep your eyes open and/or drop us an email if you are keen for more info!

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