Want to gain access to the high level Gymnastic movements? The CCF Skill Saturdays are for you!

Want to gain access to the high level Gymnastic movements? The CCF Skill Saturdays are for you!

10 May 2019

Muscle Ups & Hand Stands - let us help you get or improve them.

Improving your fitness with CrossFit is quite simple, "all" we need to do is create an environment where you can go hard and attack your workouts with high intensity. As you progress we see that by doing so your Strength, Cardiovascular Capacity, and even flexibility among other things improve - but what's hard to improve without dedicated practice is those "high level" skills that doesn't necessarily get better by just lifting MORE or pushing HARD in your WOD's.

Remember that Metabolic Conditioning (WOD) comes before skills in our pyramid, BUT by improving on our skills we can put them IN our Metabolic Conditioning and as such increase our Intensity on a daily basis!

As you know we do often practice both these Gymnastic Skills and the Olympic Lifts as an example as part of our regular classes, but similar to how we already offer our CCF Barbell Club to improve with the barbell we are now also adding the CCF Skill Saturdays to help you either improve on existing skills - or maybe even getting your FIRST Muscle Ups, Hand Stand Push Up, Rope Climb etc!

30 minutes of Coached Skill Work to give you a lifetime of improvement!

For the next 8 Saturdays (at least) our coaches will work with you to improve a specific skill each week in these sessions straight after the regular Saturday WOD. We'll present you with progressions and drills suited to your level and then recommend you to practice what you learnt, either right away in the CCF Open Gym or during the coming week.

But even if you dedicate as little as 4 hours of total time over the next couple of months by attending these 8 sessions we can pretty much guarantee that you'll become a "new" athlete with a bigger movement base to put in your WODs with us!

  • WHEN: Saturdays in each box after the class* starting THIS week the 11th of May.
    CCF GARDENS: 10.00am, CCF NEWLANDS: 9.30am, CCF CENTURY CITY 09.45am.
  • WHAT: 30min of dedicated Skill Progressions for a specific movement each week.
  • FOR WHO: ALL Level of athletes, we have progressions for every capacity and beginners and experienced athletes are both welcome.
  • FEE: NONE, these sessions are free for all members! 
    Within your weekly allocation depending on membership variation.

8 Weeks - 8 "Different" Gymnastic Skills

The below will be the template for the next 8 weeks where our goals are to improve your skills on rings, pull up bars & in hand stands. You'll see how all gymnastic builds on a lot of the same fundamentals, but each week will bring a lot of new learning to the table!

These Saturdays is where the holy grail of CrossFit Gymnastics are found:

  1. 11th of May - The Strict Ring Muscle Up, handing out the “CCF Strict Muscle Up Protocol” (retest 4 weeks later)*
  2. 18th of May - The Rope Climb & Legless Rope Climbs
  3. 25th of May - Butterfly Pull Ups / Butterfly CTB
  4. 1st of June - Hand Stand Walking 
  5. 8th of June - The Strict Ring Muscle Up - retest/restart protocol
  6. 15th of June - Kipping Hand Stand Push Up / Parallette Hand Stand Push Ups
  7. 22nd of June - The Kipping Bar Muscle Up
  8. 29th of June - Hand Stand Walking / Free Standing HSPU

    *We have a really cool template for how to improve your Ring Muscle Ups with a "small" homework to be done after class 3x week for 4 weeks - this will be coached & shared with those attending either 11th of May or 8th of June! 

How do I sign up?

We ask you to please book these sessions in BoxChamp so our coaches can plan the sessions according to how many athletes will be attending - and don't forget to bring your CCF Logbook, you'll get to tick off some skills as we go and who knows, maybe this becomes a great way for you to climb a level and/or even pass our "CCF Performance Test"!