Want to test out Functional Fitness but not quite "ready" for CrossFit? The CCF FitCamp is for you!

Want to test out Functional Fitness but not quite "ready" for CrossFit? The CCF FitCamp is for you!

25 January 2017

We are now are offering a "lighter" version of our training that ANYONE can do!

Now don't get us wrong here, we truly believe that CrossFit is for anyone but we also understand that it may not be exactly what you are looking for (at least not in the beginning).

That's why we are now introducing a version of our training without Barbells & without technical Gymnastic Movements.

And, we even let you try it out for FREE!

Why? Well, we hear this all the time:

  • I need to get fit BEFORE I start CrossFit. 
  • I'm afraid of the advanced movements, I can't hang from a bar yet!
  • I don't want to "bulk up"...

First of all we actually believe all the above is false, we always modify everything in our regular classes to YOUR capacity and by doing strength training your body will actually rather "tone" and slim down due to the increased muscle activity than build big muscles.

BUT, it doesn't change the fact that this is common perceptions and we now want to offer a way for you to try out this version of Functional Training without feeling any of the above. Who knows, maybe you'll one day in the future want to actually try out the regular Cape CrossFit Classes anyway!​

So what's the CCF FitCamp classes about?

The CCF FitCamp will consist of non technical classes with a program that focuses on base conditioning rather than strength, we wont be using a lot of weights and we wont have you doing any "advanced gymnastics".

Instead this is what you can expect in your CCF FitCamp Classes:

  • 4 weeks with up to 3x45min long sessions with a focus on conditioning.
  • Plenty of work on our "Cardio Machines" such as Rowers, Assault Bikes, Ski-Ergs & Skipping.
  • No Pull Ups or Hand Stands, but definitely sit ups, burpees, push ups and ring rows.
  • No Barbell, but LIGHT Kettle Bells and Medicine Balls perhaps.
  • The same principles that we use in our CCF Classes:
    - Functional Movements
    - Constant Variation
    - High Intensity (adjusted to your capacity!)

What, when and how?

The below is a trial version of the CCF Fit Camp, we may change times and terms after the initial month. 

  • Where? Our Cape CrossFit GARDENS Facility. (Here we actually have space to run it in a separate room from our regular classes).
  • When? Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays at 17.30-18.15.
  • Fees? R699 for 4 FIXED weeks of up to 3 classes per week (we recommend at least 2 classes per week for best results).
    You can always try your FIRST CCF FitCamp class for FREE and we are now offering a full trial week without cost or commitment!
  • What experience do I need? None, zero, absolutely no training experience needed.
  • What do I need to bring? Clothes to train in, a water bottle is always good and we do have shower facilities for your convenience. Ah yes, don't forget to bring a smile. 
  • BOOKINGS: Are necessary, please drop us an email to [email protected] to book your spots (we take a max of 12 people for the month of February).

NB: These classes are NOT included in our regular CCF Memberships as they are a specific added class. 

What can I expect to get out of the CCF FitCamp?

An increased fitness level, improved functionality and body strength & control, and of course a lot of FUN!

We see the FitCamp as a way of getting in to Functional Fitness for anyone that is "not ready" to do CrossFit yet, to be honest we do expect some of you to fall in love with our way of training so much that you might even end up wanting to lift a barbell and do pull ups in the end - but even if that doesn't happen we know that you will feel like a new version of your self after our FitCamps!

Drop us an email TODAY if you are keen on trying this out, the sessions next week are like mentioned FREE Trial sessions and you can book them without any commitment or cost.

Here's to the fittest of version of YOU in 2017!