Want to try CrossFit, but find it intimidating? Try out the CCF Base Camp - 30min Functional Fitness Classes for only R999/month!

Want to try CrossFit, but find it intimidating? Try out the CCF Base Camp - 30min Functional Fitness Classes for only R999/month!

10 January 2021

These classes are designed to make ANYONE fit, regardless of previous experience level!

Beginners and experienced athletes alike can enjoy our CCF Base Camp Classes as they are designed to challenge you at YOUR level.

NOW: Available EVERY day of the week (Monday - Saturday), and available in all 3 CCF Boxes.

We started this program 3 days per week last year and it's now being expanded to be scheduled 1-2 times per day, every day. Perfect for anyone wanting to get their fitness training done in efficient 30min classes.
You can literally get in and out of the box in just over 30min with this program, perfect for a busy lifestyle!

This is the schedule in our different boxes from the 18th of January:

GARDENS, 2 Roodehek Street:

  • MONDAY - FRIDAY: 11.30 & 17.30
  • SATURDAY: 09.30am

SOUTHERN SUBURBS, 72 Claremont Main Road:

  • MONDAY - FRIDAY: 11.30 & 18.30
  • SATURDAY: 10.00am

CENTURY CITY, 6 Edison Way:

  • SATURDAY: 09.00am
    Once demand is there we'll add a daily Base Camp class in Century City too.

What to expect in a CCF Base Camp Class?

A FUN and SIMPLE Functional Training program adjusted to each individual! The programs movement functions often builds on what we have in our regular "CCF CrossFit" program of the day - but in a simplified and less technical fashion.

We practice a Skill Every day as part of the warm up to still develop for instance Push Up strength, Medicine Ball lifting technique etc, but then the WOD (Workout) is done with simple, non intimidating movements mainly focusing on Body Weight movements, Cardio machines, and some odd objects like Kettle Bells & Dumbbells. 
NB: Each class also has a coach guiding you towards the appropriate movement variation and/or load for you!

Here's an example of how two days can look, based on TOMORROW'S CCF Workouts:

BASE CAMP WOD Monday 11th of January:

  • A. SKILL:
    - Medicine Ball Cleans
    Here we develop the skill to pick things up from the ground, but with a light medicine ball instead of barbell.
  • B. WOD, 12min AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of:
    - 6 Medicine Ball Thrusters*
    - 12 Sit Ups
    - 18 Single Skips
    *A Thruster is a squat with a press over head.

CrossFit Class WOD Monday 11th of January:

  • A. 5 Rounds for Time and Heaviest Load:
    - 30 Wall Balls*
    - 5 Over Head Squats or Hang Snatches with a Barbell or Dumbell
    *A wall ball is the same as a thruster but we 


The cool thing is that both these workouts are using the same "movement functionalities" (squats & presses) but the Base Camp variation is less technical and the absence of a barbell makes it less intimidating for anyone NEW to functional training!
An added benefit to this is that our members that are usually training in our CrossFit Classes can choose to do a Base Camp class whenever short on time, or simply wanting a lesser technical class as those are included in our regular CCF Membership Plans too.

How does the CCF Base Camp Membership Plan work?


The membership fee for access to up to 6 days per week of these 30min-classes is R999/month and we do require a 3 month commitment as that allows you to give yourself the opportunity to really see the effects before deciding if you want to continue (after 3 months your membership turns Open Ended with a 30 day cancellation notice period).

The CCF Base Camp is also our way to prepare you for our CrossFit Classes!

We believe that our training really is adjustable for anyone, regardless of experience level and capacity, BUT we never throw anyone in the deep end to just join our fairly technical regular CrossFit classes without first preparing them and getting to know them..
This is actually what the Base Camp is designed to do, there are 2 ways to do your "preparation training" with us at Cape CrossFit if you are looking to join those CrossFit classes:

  • 4x 1-on-1 Private Base Camp classes (R999) with one of our CCF Coaches.
  • 12x Base Camp Classes (these that we are describing above) are also making you "eligible" to join the CrossFit classes if you want to upgrade your Membership Plan.
    NB: Many of our members also choose to stay in the Base Camp classes "forever" as those are better suited to their lifestyle and goals!

How to get started!


It's really simple, just like we do with anyone starting with us we would love to meet you in a 1-on-1 Free Intro session where we show you around, explain our training philosophy and options, and of course let you try a cool Cape CrossFit Workout designed for beginners. 

In our intros you meet one of our experienced coaches to talk about our training and your goals, you can bring a friend if you want to!

After the intro you can go straight to the Base Camp Classes as those do not require any experience what so ever, OR you can chose to do our Private Base Camp as outlined above if you prefer to train with a Coach in a 1-on-1 environment to start your journey.


PS. Tomorrow, we are also launching a Combo-Package where you can enter our new Nutrition Challenge AND have access to the Base Camp Classes for 8 weeks!

Sneak peak: We'll explain this package more in detail in a post tomorrow.