We all have the same right to be strong.

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We all have the same right to be strong.

14 July 2013

"I’m tired of women thinking they are supposed to be weak. I don’t know who taught them this. I don’t know if it was their mothers, the media, and/or their friends. I don’t know how this started or who started it, but I do know that it needs to end. Whatever it was, whoever it was, it needs to be killed. You are not supposed to be weak. You have the right to be strong” -Alexander Cortes

[Post best enjoyed by clicking link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HttJdIeiI-E&feature=youtu.be]

 So Madonna once whined “Do you know what it feels like for a girl?” Yes, Madonna I do. I have spent 26 years defined by the post script “for a girl,”  “as a girl” and more infuriating “for her size.” Thus turning the majority of any physical accomplishments I did into wonders of surprise and not as epic ninja feats that can and should be expected from a girl. In the box I am not strong for a girl, I am not a tomboy. I am strong because I have good technique, I am strong because I have trained to become strong, I am coached well. I am not embarrassed by what I accomplish every day and although I still feel the odd moment of surprise when I do something well, I am training that part of me out. I will no longer be surprised by what my body can do. I will learn to expect it. And this is why I love CrossFit and the women at Cape CrossFit. They have realised that they have the right to be strong. For once I do not feel like being a woman is a disability. A PB is a PB, every time I lift more I am simply stronger. Your PB is YOUR PB, it is not defined by your gender, your sexual preference, your age, sporting background blah blah blah. It is determined by what you put in, your passion, your dedication. The next time you stare at the barbell waiting to be, no actually wanting to be lifted, lift it because you can - not because of who or what you are. I know I will! Coach Tash Coach Tash