We are super proud to announce that our CCF FitCamp is only growing in popularity and now becoming a fixed membership option at CCF!

We are super proud to announce that our CCF FitCamp is only growing in popularity and now becoming a fixed membership option at CCF!

17 April 2017

Scared of weightlifting? Don't want to do "advanced gymnastics movements like pull ups etc"? "CrossFit looks TOO hardcore for me"?
Then maybe the CCF FitCamp is exactly the right way for you to become the fittest version of you!

CCF FitCamp - now a "regular membership" at Cape CrossFit!

We have been running the CCF FitCamps as test versions at our Gardens box where we have been running it in 4 week "cycles", but since they are only becoming more and more popular and the feedback we have gotten from the participants have been AMAZING we are now offering the "CCF FitCamp" as a regular CCF Membership via debit order for only R799/month. 

The CCF FitCamp is here to stay!

We avoid the barbells in the CCF FitCamp, but a PVC Pipe for some Gymnastic Shaping is never a bad idea!

We hear it all the time, CrossFit DOES look scary sometimes and we completely understand that the hardcore mentality of throwing heavy weights around may not be what you are looking for (yet haha). But we also believe that our principles from our regular CrossFit Programming can be enjoyed and highly result giving even without the barbell - so far these principles have created some really great results:

  • CONSTANTLY VARIED: Just like our regular classes the CCF FitCamp classes focus on NOT creating a routine, but rather create adaption through variation. This also make each class FUN.
  • FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS: We still squat, do push ups, sit ups, and swing light kettle bells from time to time. Our training philosophy of "moving something, or yourself, from point A to point B" still shines through in our CCF FitCamp since we know this will make you more functional as a human being!
  • HIGH INTENSITY: Now, the CCF FitCamp classes may not involve heavy weightlifting, but there's no doubt that we sweat in this program, A LOT. We do however focus a bit more on the Aerobic system than we might do in our regular CrossFit classes - and this means slightly longer workouts on an average with a slower pace than the ALL OUT-push you'll often find in our regular classes.

In the CCF FitCamp classes we use our conditionings machines almost daily, a great way to build capacity and burn calories.

The CCF FitCamp now at two different time slots in our Gardens facility:

We started the CCF FitCamp as a 3 day a week 45min class at 17.30 in our Gardens box, but due to popular request we have now expanded that and added a class just after our regular Lunch class 3 days per week at 13.00 as well - this is the current CCF FitCamp Schedule (all at our Gardens facility):

  • 13.00 Classes: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 
  • 17.30 Classes: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
    The classes are programmed to match each other so chat to your coach if you are intending to attend at different times.

AND, we are currently looking at adding more CCF FitCamp Classes in our other two boxes as well - let us know if you are interested in a certain time slot and we can make it happen if the interest is big enough!

Test out the CCF FitCamp for a full week for FREE!

If you are still wondering if this way of training is really for you, then just give us a shout and we gladly book you in for 3 sessions to try it out. We know that you'll fall in love with this way of training and very soon you won't be able to be able to imagine what it feels to not being Fit & Functional!

CONTACT US NOW to book your FREE Trial or if you have any further questions: [email protected]

PS. Results a side, sometimes a short email can be all we need to know that we are on the right path with these classes - this is from Bianca, one of our newer "FitCampers": 'Thank you for making me like exercise again."