What are you doing for your children's Health & Fitness? Test out the Cape CrossFit Youth Academy for FREE for 14 days!

What are you doing for your children's Health & Fitness? Test out the Cape CrossFit Youth Academy for FREE for 14 days!

24 October 2021

The Kids are back in Town!

Our successful Kids & Teens program is restarting NOW and we'd love to show you why your children should use our CrossFit training to live healthier & fitter lifestyles, forever!

What is CrossFit Kids?

CrossFit Kids builds on the same principles as our "adult programs", BUT with an increased focus on PLAYING Fitness to make it fun as that means that we can create an early positive connection for our little people.
We use FUNctional Movements to teach these young athletes to squat (sit down and stand up), deadlift (pick up any object), do Push Ups and Burpees (get off the floor) and a lot of other things to give them a broad capacity that they can take with them to any other sport - and life!

In the US, where CrossFit was invented some 20 years ago, CrossFit is now starting to become a "sport" taught at not only the most prestigious schools and universities but actually lately all across their schooling systems. This is partially because it's such a broad sport that like said gives capacities that can be used in other sports, but also because the research shows that when Kids are ACTIVE they also tend to do better in all other subjects in school.

CrossFit makes your children stronger or other Sports, and Life.


Our Kids & Teens program have created amazing results in the past, and we believe that this version will be even more powerful when it comes to developing our young athletes capacities.
The classes are run by Coach Sasha, our CCF Youth Academy Head Coach, who has many years of experience when it comes to working with these age groups and the Teens program is written by Coach Chris, our CCF Head of Program, who has designed programs for all various level of athletes over the years - including as an example some of our young athletes that started with us only a few years ago and now are among the best in the country, and even the world!

These three is just an example of young athletes starting their journey with us and now being at a VERY high level in the Sport of CrossFit.


As we are re-starting these two programs we have planned the below schedule where most Kids / Teens classes take place at the same time as our 16.00 CrossFit for adults so that the parents can train at the same time!
In the future we'll most likely expand this schedule, not only in Gardens but also to the other CCF Boxes when the demand and capacity is there.

CCF KIDS Youth Academy (7-12* year old):

  • Mondays 16.00
  • Wednesdays 16.00
  • Saturdays 08.30

CCF TEENS Youth Academy (13-18* year old):

  • Tuesdays 16.30
  • Thursdays 16.00
  • Fridays 16.00

*NB: Age groups are recommendations but CCF reserves the right to recommend teenagers to first join the Kids program and/or move up to Teens program based on their capacity and experience. 16 year old athletes may also join the "adult CrossFit-classes" with parents consent. 


To celebrate that we are restarting this program we are offering a 2 week free trial for ANY kids that wants to try us out, without any further commitment needed! 

To claim this offer you must sign your children up before the 1st of November so EMAIL US NOW: [email protected] 


After the Free Trial we offer the following CCF Youth Academy packages, the monthly packages are subject to debit order sign ups (or 3 months minimum upfront) but only carry a 30 day's cancellation period without any cancellations fees:

  • CCF KIDS Youth Academy Monthly: R899/month (~R70/class if doing 3x per week, or R100/class if 2x per week)
  • CCF TEENS Youth Academy Monthly: R1199/month (~R90/class if doing 3x per week, or R130/class if 2x per week)

  • CCF Youth Academy 10-session pack (applicable for both age groups, valid 3 months): R1499 

Want to give your kids a head start in life? Let them become fit & healthy with us!