Winners of the CCF Whole Life Challenge!

Winners of the CCF Whole Life Challenge!

20 December 2016

A little more than 8 weeks ago we set up a challenge with the entire aim to completely change peoples Lifestyles - and we succeeded!

We built this Challenge around 4 areas which we believe are all connected, and when done right has the power to create such healthy impacts on our members lives that it would change their perception of fitness and health forever. These were the four areas we aimed at improving:

  • Training Consistently
  • Eating Healthy
  • Mobilising every day
  • Getting Outside to use your fitness!

Each area gave different points, but to win the participants had to do good in all areas and in the end it proved that getting outdoors to train became one of the most important parts to collect points - just like we wanted it to be!

And the winners are!

  1. Colin Pinkham, (CCF Gardens)
  2. Caitlin Pringle, (CCF Foreshore)
  3. Courtney Dick, (CCF Gardens)

PRIZES Sponsored by Cape CrossFit & Nutritech: The winners all win some cool supplements from Nutritech, a new CCF T-shirt, a Compex Recovery session with our in-house Bio Jeanine - but most importantly: A new, healthier & fitter lifestyle!


Colin during today's Mini Barbara, how does those 100 Push Ups feel Colsy? ;)

What these guys all had in common is consistency. They all trained more than they have ever done before with us, and also stuck to healthy habits around their training such as mobility work and eating well. 

What we also would like to point out is how cool it is for us to see people who are just like any other person out there with daytime jobs, families, and other "obligations" making a massive effort to change their lives for the better through improved fitness and health!

Courtney is a father of a young kid and works a 9-5 while squeezing in his sessions whenever possible, sometimes he trains early in the morning, sometimes he gets away during his lunch break, and sometimes he trains at night - point is: he gets it done.

Caitlin has been training with us for a while, but only in the last few months has she decided to take her training really seriously. She has gone from inconsistent 2-3 sessions per week to 5 almost every single week. Caitlin also took part in the Nutrition Challenge that ran simultaneously where she took third, funny how it all seems to be related hey..? 

Now, all these three (and everyone else that took part of the challenge) did make some great changes, but let's chat about our winner for a while. Colin has been an inspiration for the entire CCF staff over the last couple of months so let's take a look at what he has actually accomplished!

Be like Colin, why is Colin special?

Well to be honest, he's not. Sorry, of course you are special to us Colin, but point being is that Colin is just like you, me, or anyone else using CrossFit as a great way to stay fit. Colin is not ripped to pieces, yet. Colin can't do Butterfly Pull Ups or Hand Stand Push Ups, yet. Colin is not aiming to go to the CrossFit Games, to be honest he never will.
BUT, what Colin has proven to himself and to us during this 8 week CCF Whole Life Challenge, well actually over the last 12 months, is that with a promise to yourself that you are going to be better tomorrow than you are today and then a determination to work for it every damn day - you can become an incredibly much fitter version of yourself.

Here are some of Colin's improvements over this 8 Week CCF Whole Life Challenge:

  • Colin could only do Pull Ups with a Green band at the start of the challenge, now his max is Two unassisted strict Pull Ups!
  • Colin used to train consistently 2-3 times per week, now he trains 4-5 days and on the days he doesn't train he makes sure to get a longer run in.
  • Talking about running, at the start of the challenge Colin couldn't jog 3k without stopping - 5 days after the challenge ended Colin ran a 10km race(!) in 61 minutes. #doyouevenrunlikeColinbro was born from this..
  • Most impressive improvement to us was actually not the physical changes we witnessed from Colin during this period, but more so the mental mind shift towards "I am going to be a fit human being, I never thought I would think those words, but I do and I will."

Colin after his successful 10k Race!

And of course, because we are CrossFitters it's quite interesting to see some of the measurable changes and improvements that Colin has made over the past year training with us:

  • Body Weight: From 102kg to 91kg (-11kg)
  • Waist: 118cm to 97cm (-21cm)
  • Pull Ups: non applicable to 2 Unassisted (+1 million %)
  • Deadlift: 80kg to 166kg (+86kg)
  • Row 1k: from 4:37min to 4:00min (-37 seconds)

These are just some of Colin's numbers, but they speak a lot about the overall improvement that he has made in all areas of his fitness and health.

The cool thing is that Colin is not alone.
Caitlin went from only being able to do pull ups with 3 different bands together as assistance to being able to now do reps with the green band alone - the goal is to get her first unassisted pull up in 2017.
Courtney landed his first strict muscle ups and can now do strict Hand Stand Push Ups RX which was one of his big goals for 2016, in 2017 we expect him to pass our Big Dawgs Test and join the CCF Performance program - AND they are only some of the members that are improving at record pace at CCF right now. 

We are so damn proud of our members hard work and the results that they are getting for it. 

We are super happy with the result and mindset shift that we saw in a bunch of our members with the CCF Whole Life Challenge, to "reward" our members to use their fitness outdoors was probably one of the best things we have ever done and of course we aim to give all of you a new chance to join this type of challenge in 2017. 

Keep your eyes open for the "CCF Whole Life Challenge 2017" that will kick off in the middle of January - it's never too late to build a fit, functional & healthy lifestyle so we hope that YOU will join us too!

Take care of your self and your health during the silly season so that 2017 can be the year when your fitness & health starts with you becoming a better, more functional version of your self - we are here to help you whenever you need us.