Cape CrossFit – Elite Fitness in Cape Town, South Africa

Welcome to Cape CrossFit, the original CrossFit in Cape Town.

Cape CrossFit is the original CrossFit in Cape Town, South Africa. We offer CrossFit classes and personal training in two training centers in Gardens and Newlands. Our programme vastly improves fitness and strength and is suitable for everybody from novice to Olympic level athlete. Everyone who is willing to put in the work is welcome to our community.

Schedule a free Intro and find more about Cape CrossFit and our programme, call 021 461 0243.

  • testimonial-KerryKerry Mteacher & mother

    “…With CrossFit, I’m never bored and can’t even conceive of what a plateau would look like. The workouts are unique and challenging every time. I am astounded at my strength gain in just 3 months and amazed at some of the movements the trainers help me accomplish.” [Read more...]

  • testimonial-Daniel G

    Daniel G., Project manager

    “CrossFit has completely changed the way I look at, and understand my body and diet. I went from a bulky 92kg to a lean, ripped, 85kg and ± 8% body fat in just 6 months. I have complete control over what I eat and best of all… I absolutely love it.” [Read more ...]

  • testimonial-Vaughan MVaughan M., competitive ballroom dancer

    “… I had reached a plateau in my fitness which I was struggling to break through, but in the six months I have been here I have probably learnt more about fitness and health than in the 5 years of stumbling around in the dark by myself…” [Read more ...]

  • testimonial-JeffJeff S., Model agent

    “… As an American living and working in another country is not always easy, dealing with cultural differences and being on the opposite end of the world as the rest of your family. CrossFit has become a sanctuary of sorts for me; I have never seen such an encouraging environment in my life [Read more...]“

  • testimonial-John MJohn M., Investment banker

    “… I joined since I wanted to get fitter, stronger and healthier. I have 3 young kids and can feel the practical benefits of being stronger when going about my daily life and my other sporting interests…”[Read more...]

  • testimonial-Hermann L

    Hermann L., Owner/Coach at CrossFit Concrete

    “…As a personal trainer and now owner of CrossFit Concrete – Jobst and his crew of coaches taught me so much and all the other staff members were always so friendly and helpful, the whole team is a well oiled machine!…” [Read more]

  • testimonial-Garth HGarth H., Owner/Coach at CrossFit Durbell

    “…That’s when I found CrossFit – and it was love at first WOD. Coming out of a rugby season still thinking I was ‘fit’, I was properly shown that no matter how ‘buff’ the gym can make you, the 10 pull ups at the end of the Baseline were…” [Read more]