CCF Corporate Packages

We offer two solutions for Corporates that wants to enjoy the massive benefits of having their employees training CrossFit: Either the employee can simply earn a discount as soon as there are 5 or more employees from the same company holding a CCF Membership or the company can book their Own Private Corporate Classes where the Coach will not only tailor a program for the specific needs of your employees but we have also seen a lot of Team Building improvement with these classes among our clients. Healthier and Fitter employees seems to be more productive and the results in terms of camaraderie in any workplace has been amazing.

Here's a testimonial from one of our first corporate clients:

When we took on CrossFit 2 years ago, we wanted to achieve more than just physical wellness. It was also a means to stimulate a daring and adventurous culture within our company. The benefits have been striking: our employees continue to improve their fitness levels, while building lasting bonds outside the office environment. 

Coach Chris has been a remarkable instructor, consistently pushing our employees to build the mental strength to achieve their goals.

Nour Addine Ayyoub, CEO of Zailab