Get Started

Step 1 - Get started with a FREE Cape CrossFit "No Sweat"-Consultation with one of our Coaches:

This is a complementary 60-minute session to see our facility, learn about our Training Programs and Fitness is a Lifestyle-philosophy.
In this Free Intro session you get a chance to meet one of our CCF Coaches who will take you through a cool Movement Assessment, a Goal Getting Consultation and answer any questions you might have about our CCF Membership Plans.

We will also answer all your questions about our membership packages, Personal Training and joining.

Schedule it now: 021-461 02 43 or via [email protected].

Step 2 - Go through our "CCF Base Camp" for new CrossFitters to build your foundation:


  1. CCF GROUP BASE CAMP; R999.00* (or FREE of charge if signing up for any of our CCF Membership Plans):
    Available once every month for 2 weeks at 6 set times, starting the first Monday of each month (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).
  2. CCF PRIVATE BASE CAMP; R1'999.00* (or R1'599.00 when signing up for any of our CCF Membership Plans): 4x 1-on-1 sessions with one of our expert CrossFit Coaches where we cover the most technical areas of our training in a private environment to make you as comfortable as possible when getting into the regular classes.
    NB: These Private sessions can be scheduled at your convenience, subject to your CCF Coach's availability.

After your Base Camp is completed you can join ONE complimentary regular CCF CrossFit class to see how it's like before deciding on signing up for a new membership.

Step 3 - Choose your Cape CrossFit Membership Plan:

After your Base Camp and complimentary CrossFit Class you will need to sign up for one of our CCF Membership Plans to join our Regular Classes, these are offered in 2 versions where the Debit Order membership variation comes at a lesser monthly cost than our 3 months upfront variation.


  • CCF UNLIMITED, R1'695.00/month - access to unlimited CrossFit classes and also our Add-On slots for extra training programmed by us.
  • CCF 3x WEEKLY, R1'395.00/month - access to up to 3x CrossFit classes per week. 
    NB: Our Debit Order memberships comes with a 3 months' commitment and runs "open ended" after that until cancelled with a 30 day notice - no cancellation fees.


  • CCF UNLIMITED, R5'835.00/3 months - access to unlimited CrossFit classes and also our Add-On slots for extra training programmed by us.
  • CCF 3x WEEKLY, R4'935.00/ 3 month - access to up to 3x CrossFit classes per week. 
    NB: we do NOT offer monthly cash/eft payments (except our Single Month offer below), only 3 months paid upfront if not able to use our Debit Order system.


  • 1 Drop In Session, R250.00 - per training day.
  • 10 Drop In Sessions, R1'999.00 - valid up to 3 months.
  • 1 Single Month, R2'399.00 - 30 days of Unlimited Sessions.

We also offer the following Discounts on any standard CCF Membership Plan:

- 10% 12 Months Loyalty Discount - otherwise our memberships are Open Ended with a 30 day cancellation period after the initial 3 months.
- 10% Family Discount, 10% - for spouses and direct family like children, parents and/or siblings (proof of cohabitation required).
- 20% Students Discount
- proof of full time studies required.
- 10% Full Time First Responders (ambulance personnel, fire fighters, police personnel), 
proof of employment required

All our members get's an Assigned Coach which they then will meet up with every 30-60 days to discuss goals and progress with. In the beginning we take you through a Nutrition Check Up, a Movement Assessment, and a Goal Getting Session.
You will also get access to the online platform OCTIV where you can book your classes, plus that we present and track our daily programming in SugarWOD which is a worlds leading workout tracker - talk about setting you up for success on your fitness journey from day one!


Find out more about our exciting membership plans and email us at [email protected] or give us a call on 021-461 02 43!

Contact us to book your first drop in session and we will gladly guide you through it!