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Step 1: Get started with a FREE Cape CrossFit Intro session with one of our Coaches:

This is a complementary 60-minute session to see our facility, learn about our methods and philosophy, and experience a workout. In this Free Intro session you get a chance to meet one of our coaches who will take you through a cool Movement Assessment, a Goal Getting Consultation and obviously a cool Cape CrossFit WOD (Workout Of the Day).

We will also answer all your questions about our membership packages, Personal Training and joining. Schedule it now: 021-461 02 43 or [email protected].

Step 2: Cape CrossFit Basics Course & the "CCF Membership Journey":

The Basics Course covers the basic warm up protocols, mobility drills and functional movements of our classes and will make it a lot easier to join our program. The Course consists of 4 sessions done either in a 1-on-1, or small group, environment within 2 weeks of starting your membership.

From the 1st of June 2019 we also offer all new members a 90 day Journey that will help you dial in your nutrition and do monthly check ins with your Assigned CCF Coach. From there on we recommend members to check in with their coach approximately every 3 months to asses their progress and set new goals.

For anyone uncertain if they want to sign a membership, we do offer a Private (one-on-one) Basics Course at R2,000 that does not include the 90 day Journey and other Goal Getting sessions - but if one becomes a member all of that is included without additional charges at the start of any membership.

Step 3: Cape CrossFit Membership options:

Our goal is to make Cape CrossFit’s pricing straight forward, simple and fairand we are also offering very liberal membership terms without long term contract periods. Our Debit Order memberships all counts from the 1st of a given month to the last, if you start the membership in the middle of a month we simply prorate that month - you only pay for the time that you are a member!

We then require the 3 months "commitment period" for the Debit Order memberships after which your membership auto renews each month until cancelled.
*T’s & C’s and a 30 day cancellation period will apply.

Please note that the fees marked with a "*" are ONLY AVAILABLE through a Debit Order membership OR 12 months up front payment. We do offer 3 months up front cash payments but those are at the higher monthly fees below which has to be paid 3 months in full via cash/card/EFT.

We have basically two different versions of our membership to allow you to tailor your own training according to your preferred time of the day - but both variations offer the most inclusive membership in Cape Town: ONE Membership, THREE locations, ALL the fitness!

The "Off Peak"-definition depends on what classes are usually very popular (not included in Off Peak) and varies between our 3 facilities.

In our main box in Gardens the Off Peak times counts as any class starting from 07.00 until 16.30 and in those you have access to the same training as in the pm classes, but to a discounted rate.

All our members get's an Assigned Coach which they then will meet up with every 30-60 days to discuss goals and progress with. In the beginning we take you through a Nutrition Check Up, a Movement Assessment, and a Goal Getting Session. You will also get a free Cape CrossFit T-shirt, access to Open Gym training on Saturdays and access to the online platform BoxChamp where you can book your classes and track your training progress - talk about setting you up for success on your fitness journey from day one. 

We also offer the following discounts on any standard CCF membership signed according to the new fees after the 1st of June 2019:
Family members, 20% - proof of cohabitation required.
- Students, 20% - proof of full time studies required.
- Full Time First Responders (ambulance personnel, fire fighters, police personnel), 20% - proof of employment required

Find out more about our exciting membership options and email us at [email protected] or give us a call on 021-461 02 43!

Traveling CrossFitters - Important info About Our Classes:

1. We run everything based on bookings so you must contact us in advance to secure your spot. 
2. If you haven’t showed up when the class starts, your spot can be given away to the next in line in case of a full class. We also reserve the right to not allow you attend a class that you are late for due to us wanting you to be safe by following our warm ups etc.
3. At Cape CrossFit we run two different programs in our classes, the CCF Fitness which is our general CrossFit program, and then also our CCF Performance program which is slightly more technical and for the experienced CrossFitters only. We require our members to have trained CrossFit for a minimum of 6 months before taking our “CCF Performance Test” and in that test we test them over a broad variety of skills, strength & gymnastic capacity.
If you as a traveller would like to follow our CCF Performance program you would first have to book a Personal Coaching hour (R500) with one of our trainers and pass the test in full before doing that program in class.
PS. The programs are very often similar/the same and most of our members are getting amazing results by following the CCF Fitness program which is very well designed for the every day CrossFitter!

We always have a lot of CrossFitters joining us while visiting Cape Town and we love having you in our classes!
Our drop in policies are as follow:
- 1 Drop In: R250 or buy a CCF T-shirt/Vest for R449 and get the first visit for free. 
(First one is Free for South African CrossFit Affiliate members).
- 10 Drop Ins: R1,999.
- 1 month of Unlimited Classes for Travellers: R2,499.

Contact us to book your first drop in session and we will gladly guide you through it!


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