CCF Corporate Classes

Our corporate program have grown a lot lately and the results that our clients see in not only in terms of fitness and health, but also Team Building at their offices is unmatched. We offer Private Corporate Classes where your employees are the only participants and the program is separately designed to fit your employees current fitness levels. Contact us for a FREE trial now!

Here's a testimonial from one of our Private Corporate Class clients:

When we took on CrossFit 2 years ago, we wanted to achieve more than just physical wellness. It was also a means to stimulate a daring and adventurous culture within our company. The benefits have been striking: our employees continue to improve their fitness levels, while building lasting bonds outside the office environment.

The coaches have been remarkable instructors, consistently pushing our employees to build the mental strength to achieve their goals.

Nour Addine Ayyoub, CEO of Zailab

We do now offer 2 FREE sessions for you and your employees to first hear our thoughts on "What is Fitness?" and then test out our training programme in a FUN class for the entire team. Contact us to set up two times that works for you and we can start making positive changes in the lives of your employees so they can make positive changes for your business! 

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