Cape CrossFit / The Factory (Foreshore)

This is our NEW 1500m2 flagship location which we moved our original box to in September 2022! 

Cape CrossFit Gardens was the Original CrossFit Box in Cape Town, started in 2009, and with the move to "The Factory" it's now part of arguably the biggest Functional Fitness facility in Cape Town! 
We have 3 "FUNctional Spaces":

  • Cape CrossFit Main Floor, 400m2 open CrossFit floor with everything a CrossFitter could dream of - including free hanging pull up bars and loads of ropes & rings hanging freely from the ceiling all over. 
  • ZenFit Athletics High Performance Area, 180m2 training space built to mimic the Main Floor but with added toys like GHD's & peg boards for Competitive Athletes. This is also the space we use for our "Add-On"-program and ZFA90-classes.
  • Concept Cardio Studio, 170m2 Studio built for our Concept Cardio Sessions. Filled with Ski Ergs, Row Ergs & Bike Ergs and other tools like Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Sandbags, and more. In here we also offer "Open Studio"-training in between classes and with NO Experience needed this is a popular option for travellers wanting to get a quick 45min session in during the daytime! 

Since there is no real space limitations in this massive box we often run our speciality programs such as the ZFA90-classes and soon also the CCF Kids program here and you often see complete beginners start their journey with us in one room while our most competitive athletes are throwing down in the room next doors. 

CCF is also home to one of the most successful CrossFit teams in South Africa "The CCF Wolfpack", and a part of our community often enjoys our Add-On training which is based on the ZenFit Athletics Competition-track and can be performed in the designated space outside of classes (a specific membership is required to have access to these).

PS. We also hire our our location for various still and movie shoots. Contact us if you are interested in renting the space and we will gladly accommodate you.



14 Roggebaai Square


Tel: 021 461 0243
Email: [email protected]