Success Story: Anisa Mahmoudi

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Anisa Mahmoudi

CrossFit was such an amazing experience for our entire family.

This is a straight copy from an email from Anisa: Firstly - I LOVE Tash. What an amazing coach. CrossFit was such an amazing experience for both Vahid and I and it all boiled down to our coaches. Tash was always amazing, attentive and I miss her already. In general, CCF has a great community vibe which was really encouraging, though sometimes scary. I particularly liked the way our family as a whole was welcomed to classes and events. Leily really loved coming to the box and witnessed us move from not being strong at all, to getting stronger and stronger and hopefully that serves as good inspiration to her to always work hard to keep physically fit. Thank you to you all for being such positive influences in our lives. All the best as you keep bettering yourselves and CCF as a whole! Oh and please keep in touch and let us know if you are ever in London! You are always welcome to stay with us!! Thanks again! xx
- Anisa and her husband Vahid moved to London in June 2016 and will be missed dearly by the CCF Community!