Chris Oman [The Factory]

Chris Oman [The Factory]

Chris Oman [The Factory]

CF-L3 | Head Developer of Talent

It's Coach Chris' goal and dream to create a platform from which other coaches can stand on to reach 100's and 100's of people in the pursuit of saving the world, one human being at the time.

Super Hero Alias: Batman

Favorite CrossFit movements: Thrusters

Worst CrossFit Movement:  I try to not dislike anything that has to do with fitness, but the Hurricane Bike clearly doesn't feel the same way about me...

Other information:

CCF Since: January 2010 (+3500 CrossFit Classes and counting).

How did you find CrossFit: I was already following the path of "functional training" and didn't really believe in resting long between sets so a friend introduced me to CrossFit saying "this looks like it would suit you", my first WOD was the "300" workout and about 30min later I was sold.. I've been involved in the Fitness Industry for 15 years and already 10 years ago I was asked to educate Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors very early so when I eventually got involved as the Head Coach at CCF it was pretty much a life coming to a full circle again.

What is your favourite thing about coaching CrossFit: The constant pursuit of improvement and the increase in human capacity that I see around me on a daily basis. May it be a competitive athlete snatching a small house or a beginner getting their first pull up, it's all about the joy I see in our members improving their lives!

Why Cape CrossFit: I started my CrossFit career here and fell in love with the community before I even knew I was gonna be involved in coaching it.

Favorite Quote: Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. (It's tattooed on my ribs..).

Personal Coaching Rate: R600/hour.


CrossFit Qualifications:

  • CrossFit Level 3 Trainer
  • CrossFit Weightlifting
  • CrossFit Football
  • CrossFit Kids

Other Qualifications:

  • Stockholm Personal Training School Level 3 (2002).


Working for CrossFit HQ as Level 1 & Level 2 Seminar Staff.