The Super Human Functionality Project - 90 Days to become... Super Human!

The Super Human Functionality Project - 90 Days to become... Super Human!

04 June 2023

What does it mean to be "Super Human"?

Well in this case we want to define this as "beyond average human being capacity", because the reality is that most human beings these days are not very functional at all - with a sedentary lifestyle and more time spent on the couch than outdoors we can objectively say that most people in the world these days are lacking capacity to live a truly exciting life..

Now what's really exciting is that we have built our most sophisticated approach to combat this. The Super Human Functionality Project will TEST your capacity, and then allow you to TRAIN to make sure you are targeting your INDIVIDUAL needs to become more Healthy & Fit for every day life!

Here's a few things we think a human being should be able to do to call them self Functional:

  • Pick up their grocery bags in one go.
  • Climb the stairs of "any" building without having to stop.
  • Play with their kids outdoors, and for hours.
  • Hike the epic mountains around us.
  • Go for a 30min jog without having to stop.
  • Get out of bed in the morning without pain.

How do we intend to help YOU get there?

Firstly we need to figure out what YOU need, and we will do that with the most specific TESTING TEMPLATE that we have ever put together! In the test templates you will see that we will test several areas of human functionality and fitness, such as:

  • STRENGTH, both with loads and body weight strength.
  • IMBALANCE between for instance your left leg and right leg strength, and also between for instance upper body pushing and pulling.
  • CARDIO CAPACITY, with various time domains tested in the aerobic conditioning area.
  • FITNESS, standard fitness tests as per above, but also some classic CrossFit "Benchmarks".

The cool thing is that all of the above will then be data that we can help to tailor certain workouts to your needs, and also something that you can then later on compare against to see your PROGRESS!

Use the CCF Members VIP Lounge to track your results, and see what "Level" you are currently at:

To make it even better we have also created 5 "Levels" where your results in the different areas will dictate what Level you are on in each specific test - this will give you a great overview when it comes to your strengths and weaknesses = also give you a blue print to what you need to focus more on to become well roundedly fit!


  • HEALTH: Self explanatory, this is the level we believe that you need to be able to clear to actually be considered being a healthy human being. This includes as an example:
    - Deadlift body weight.
    - Run 5k without stopping.
    - Perform one strict pull up.

  • FITNESS: This is the level when you are starting to be able to do more things than your neighbours, and also most likely enjoy outdoor activities more. Examples:
    - Back Squat your body weight.
    - Run 5k sub 30'00 minutes.
    - Climb a rope.

  • PERFORMANCE: At this level your fitness is performance based and you can pull off features that you probably never have to do in your everyday life, but at the same time features that can absolutely elevate your capacity inside and outside the gym. Examples:
    - Pick up more than your own body weight and put it over head (Clean & Jerk)
    - Run 5k sub 25'00 minutes.
    - Perform 15 Strict Pull Ups & 30 Push Ups.


  • COMPETITION: The markers we need to be able to do for instance local competitions RX and/or aiming at qualifying for a CrossFit Quarterfinals.

  • ELITE ATHLETE: The levels we believe are required to reach the highest levels of CrossFit as a sport, i.e. Semi Finals or even the CrossFit Games (via Africa).


MOST human beings need a General Physical Preparedness (GPP) that allows them to handle real life tasks, and if you ask us: the ability to explore the world around them through outdoor adventures.
That's why we are saying that most human beings do NOT need to push their levels any further than to our "PERFORMANCE"-level.
In fact, you could risk hurting yourself if you don't have ALL markers covered in the Performance Level but focus a lot on getting a few of your capacities into the Competition/Elite Athlete level as this will create an unhealthy Balance in your fitness.

So, first make sure that you cover the HEALTH-level in our This would mean that very few objects in your home, including your kids, will be too heavy to pick up and that you can run away from the zombies if needed.



Each of these tests will be described in the CCF Members VIP Portal, and of course in the program of the day when we test any of them. 


Wan't to become "Super Human"?

If you're a CCF member all you need to do is to show up for as many sessions as possible over the next 3 weeks as we'll be doing the various tests during the regular classes. If you are NOT yet a CCF Member, why not look into our Beginners Package below - R1499.00 for almost 3 months of training and much more!

NB: This is only accessible for non current CCF members and the following applies:

  • Access to 3x CrossFit classes per week until 2023-08-31.
  • If no previous CrossFit experience we require your first 6 sessions to be in our Base Camp-classes for beginners.


  • 3x CCF CrossFit Classes per week.
  • 4x inBody measurements (valued at R250 each!), one monthly from start.
  • 1x CCF Nutrition Guide with guidelines how to use your inBody-measurements to find the best Nutrition Lifestyle for you.
  • 12x Lifestyle Hacks to help you create healthy habits to last forever.

We look forward to helping YOU become the fittest and healthiest version of yourself with this super powerful combination of healthy eating and training guidance!